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    This must be the best little space saving software out there.

    Its FLYZIP.

    Install this baby on your palm and zip up the games, applications, programs you don't use all the time and even if you do use them the program will unzip the program prior to use.

    It cleared almost 8 times the amount of spare memory I had left in my Handspring Treo 270. From 1750 to well over 8000.

    Do yourself a favour and download this little beauty.

    FLYZIP - Palm software zip program

    Blood and Honour
    (Those who live in the dark shall meet the light and all shall die by my hand.)

    (Device:Palm Pilot>Handspring Deluxe>Handspring Treo 270>Sony Clie NX60U>PalmOne Treo 600)
    (Beta Tester:Pocketdimension 2 / Quirl / PalmMAME / Seven Email Client)

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    Gone from 4.5 to over 8mb of free space

    Downside with LauncherX:
    When I initially Zip a file, it doesn't leave the file in its original tab location in LauncherX but moves it to the main category.

    So, I have to move the file back to its tab location. Good thing is, if I self-extract the file to use, when I've finished, it's automatically zipped and retains it's location.

    Also, LauncherX does not seem to support the Icon Save option.
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    Here is the product sheet for Flyzip.
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