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    Originally posted by JTREOB
    the samsung has 2 great features the treo does'nt and appears won't,

    1. voice dialing

    sprint offers voice command which works with 300 im assumin itll work with the 600 too
    300 w/ Sprint
    will be
    600 w/ Sprint
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    i was planning on getting the t600 but after playing w/ the i5 it totally won me over. small form factor, nice vibrant screen visable in sunlight, enough memory-16 mb-for my needs, and the voice dial and recorder are vastly improved over anything i've seen before. so 1.i don't have sd(but i don't really need it) 2. no OS 5 (but my friend with a zire 71 says he hates OS 5 because many apps./games aren't compatible.) 3. no camera (but i have a 5 mp digital camera so what the heck do i need this ultra low-res pos extra. 4. no thumboard (but i rarely e-mail on my palm so graffiti is fine for me.) however the kicker for me is the REMOVABLE BATTERY, i don't care how long the battery lasts for- i just can't afford the downtime of being w/o my phone, and the i5 came w/2 batteries so that really settled it for me, and the $200 rebate from amazon didn't hurt either! enjoy!
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    Some confusion here. The SPH-I500, which is out now, is a CDMA phone running POS 4, whereas the SGH-I500, not available, is a GSM phone running POS 5.2 (Link to Phonescoop).
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