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    It won't be long before a new post treo 600 model will appear. Will it shed new light?
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    Yeah, PIC posted an article about this a while ago. IMHO, the basic problem with this type of technology is that you need a clean, flat, smooth surface on which to project the imoge onto. That fine and dandy when you're at your desk, but what about when you're standing on waiting in line somewhere? The advantage of a integrated thumboard is that: #1) it can be used with one hand, and #2) it can be used in various circumstances. Thus I think this would be an interesting additional input method but I wouldn't want it to become the primary one...
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    I'd like speech recognition input before that!
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    The other problem with these keyboards is that you have to keep your fingers on the keys at all times. If you lift your fingers up it interepts that as a keystroke. We did a demo on some of these a while back and decided they wouldn't work the way we wanted them to. They also definitely would not work for someone who types by hunt and peck.

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