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    First, I saw on the cover of some magazine (Pen Computing?) about movies on PDA's. Is this true? If so, will the 600 be able to play movies?

    Second, what kind of stylus is the 600 going to have? Aren't the new ones spring activated? I mean, where you push down on it and it pops up so it is easier to retrieve.

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    I'm not sure about the stylus, but you will be able to play moivies on the Treo 600 using a proprietary player for PalmOS called Kinoma. You will have to purchase the producer version in order to create your own movies. There is also an app called mmplayer that will alow you to play divx, mpg etc, but it's still only in beta right now. However it holds good promise for the future....
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    Here's a story from Infosync reporting a partnership between Sprint PCS and RealNetworks, where Real will provide streaming video over Sprint's Vision network. For $5/month anyone with a color vision phone that has J2ME can view this video. I think the Treo 600 will not have J2ME out of the box, but it can be installed. The service won't initially include movies, but could eventually.

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