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    I have noticed a few people over the past months complaining that their Treo 270's backlight has conked out - again! The same thing has now happened to me, and I'm beginning to suspect this is going to be a big problem again. Handspring still won't acknowledge there is a problem, but I disagree. We were all assured by Handspring that the problem had been solved, but this is clearly not the case. I have already had one Treo replaced, and to have to go through that again within 18 months of purchase is just unacceptable for a product of this value. I am very reluctant to stick with Handspring if their products cannot even survive into the second year.
    I love my Treo, and I'd hate to move to something else. But if I can't rely on it, I won't put up with it.
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    I am on my third Treo in 8 months! I had the backlight problem on my #2 treo 270. My first one's phone function died and I could never get a signal. Now, on my 3rd, having never even hotsynced with it and owning it for only 3 days - IT'S DEAD!! No phone functionality.

    So I have to replace this one too and fortunately Rogers just keeps giving me a free one.

    I want the Treo 600 and would buy it in a heartbeat but I don't want to continue this saga.

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    It looks like Handspring (at least in the UK), have changed their policy on replacing units with the backlight problem depending on the serial number. I've just had mine replaced (again) out of the initial warranty (but just within the 12 months from the last replacement) - and they did it for free. Sent it off to them on Thursday, and had a new one back on Saturday.
    Bring on the 600, so I can upgrade. Surely they won't use the same supplier for the backlight

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