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    I posted in the "Do you have your original Treo from last fall" forum....I do still have mine.....but yesterday, I go to flip it open and the right hinge part just snaps off. I have the ERP (equipment replacement program) so my new phone should be here by Tues/Wed.

    Has anyone had this happen? And if you have the ERP, do they send you a new phone or a refurb?

    Thanks in advance

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    I had the same thing happen. I just walked into a sprint store, claimed manufactuer's defect and walked out with a new phone. No insurance required.
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    It's a known defect and Handspring even acknowledges it in their own manual. They state you should use the earbud to pronlong the fliu's life.

    So, you won't need a warranty or extended insurance program to cover the flip, or the battery dying. All one year... and known issues.

    Most people walk in and walk out with a new (or refurbed phone) depends on store stock.
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    I just had this happen yesterday. Unfortunately, I'm one of the folks who bought the phone at Circuit City. I got the extended warranty. I called the local store, they had no more in stock. They gave me the national number to call. I just got off the phone with them, and they stated that the hinge breaking was considered "physical damage" and was not covered by the warranty. I asked for a manager, and was told no one was available, but someone would call me back.

    So, any advice at this point? I'm planning to call a local Sprint store when they open, but I'm not sure they will do anything with the phone, since it wasn't purchased from them. I got the phone last November, so I'm still within 1 year.

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    Unfortunately my local sprint store didn't have any Treo 300's in stock, that's why they told me to go through LockLine. They said I should have it in 3 business days.

    We'll see.
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    Well, I feel a bit awkward defending Sprints Customer Service, but I just returned from a Sprint store, and they were excellent. I bought my Treo at CC with an extended warranty. CC didn't want to honor the warranty (that's another issue), so I went to a Sprint store to see what they would do. The fellow working there looked at the phone, said something like "I've seen this before" and set me up for a new phone with no hassles whatsoever. They wouldn't give me a brand new one, since I only brought in my handset, but a phone is being sent to me (2 days) and I am returning my original to Sprint, even though I bought it at CC.

    I know its a small thing, but it could've been a big hassle.
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    I had to argue with the CS Rep at the Sprint store to get mine replaced. He kept insisting that it's normal wear and tear for the flip lid to break. The good news? I eventualy wore him down and got sent a refurbished phone in the mail. The bad news? I shouldn't have had to wear him down.

    At least they did do the right thing in the end!
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    Funny definition of normal wear and tear when using the product in such a manner as it was designed, renders it unuseable. You people who are getting your phones replaced sound relieved, but the problem isn't solved. The replacement phones are still based on the same faulty inadequet design.
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    I too am on my 3rd treo now. All have had the hinges break off. The two replacements have been under the erp replacemnt. But now they have canceled this service for 1 yr due to 2 replacements. I am hoping the last one does not break. The sprint store I took it to said they would not replace it since it was damaged. Go figure
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    So far I have had 3 treos snap off at the hinges. All 3 have been replaced by my local sprint store with no questions asked.

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    Because part of my hinge was missing (e.g. broken off), the local store said they would not cover it under the MFR warranty, but said it had to be done under the ERP program.

    What a bunch of crap. I should have worked on him more, but they all had that deer in the headlights look that makes it clear you're wasting your time.

    To their credit the ERP program was painless and relatively quick (3 days, $35 deductible) and the new phone was provisioned immediately.

    THe screen on my RECONDITIONED ERP is clearly less brite than my old one with the broken hinge. Too bad!
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    Between the two of us, we've been through 5 phones, all because of the flip lid.

    I'm really hoping there's not ANY kind of shoddy design on the Treo 600.
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    When I was reading about all of the lid issues, I really just thought, these folks must just be abusing the Treo.. Well it happened to mine on Monday morning. Opened it up, and snap, the lid breaks... So I thought no big deal, I bought the extended warrantee from Best Buy, I will just take it in a get a replacement... That is when the fun started. The guy in the service area looked at it said, yep it is covered. He boxed it all up and sent me over the the cell phone counter... Guess what, "we no longer carry that phone, but we will give you something comparable". The problem of course is there is nothing comparable on the market right now. They started to play games, so I told them I would go across the street to the Sprint Store and if they wouldn't take care of it, they would have to refund my entire purchase and I would go buy one somewhere else. It turned out the lady in the Sprint Store didn't ask any questions. She went to look and see if they had any in stock, which they didn't. I suspect, they just didn't want to give me a brand new one. However, one is being mailed to me in the
    next few days. She also gave me a pre-paid UPS envelope to send my existing phone back when the new one gets here. I realize I am getting the same phone with the same issue, but if it gets me through until the 600 comes out, I will be happy. At that point, I will go and get the new one from Best Buy under the extended warrantee.

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