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    Hello all,

    I have had no succes in searching for this topic so here goes. What I am looking for is an app or hack that will switch from the current app back to the one I was previously using via a key press. I have found apps that work with the stylus but not a key press (unless I have overlooked something). For instance if I am in palm reader and switch out to do a quick memo then it would be nice to press a key and go back to palm reader. Is that possible. I use switcheroo but that is 3 keys and I have to remember what letter designation I have given the app I want to use. What would be nice is if there were something like the back button on a browser that just reverted to the previous page/app. Does this exist? I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks,
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    You could try McPhling. With that you can set up any button to take you back to the previous app. It's a nice lil hack and doesn't seem to have problems with other apps or hacks.
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    If you use EasyLaunch you can assign one of the four hardware buttons (or a delayed press of any of them) and/or a combination of keys to return you to the previous app.
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    Thanks, I will give them a try today.

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