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    Price at 899,00
    Why the big difference with $ 500,00 in US???
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    Everytime I plug my Treo 300 into my laptop to VPN into work to fix a problem, and it saves me from having to drive back from the beach or wherever I happen to be, I am reminded that this is the best $500 I've ever spent on a device.

    Seriously, I love my 300 and can't wait to get a 600. The convenience of having only one device to carry around that has all my calenders, appointments, contacts, to-dos, and notes is just a life saver. And for me, those conveniences far outweigh the minor annoyances of having to purchase a separate SMS application, and occassional turbo drain.

    I hope that Sprint or Handspring will offer a tradeup program, and the price point that would make me happy is $300 for the Treo 600, with the trade in of your 300. An additional year contract renewal to subsidize the cost would be acceptable, too. Any more than that and I would still get a 600, but I'd feel like they were milking me for all they could, which would make me less than the totally satisified customer that I already am.
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    Considering that Sprint is charging $599 for Samsung SPH-I500 we should be prepared to pay the same initially for the Treo 600. Even though it is 'all about contracts' the phone companies are not above charging as much as they can for the latest hot phone. I will gladly pay it to get my Treo 600 quickly.
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    I spoke to Customer Care today. The rep (not drone) was very knowledgeable and curteous. He said they were told last week the list price was $499 and the release was scheduled from early to late October. There was no mention of an upgrade plan.
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    Originally posted by josephtse
    We did a typing speed test--my friend and his Nokia 3650 vs my Treo 300, he only was like 1 second slower than me on typing a full sentence, something like "we are going to church tomorrow". How? Because he has predictive text. It is pretty darn intelligent. the querty keyboard is still the fastest, but you will always have a fat as* phone with it.
    Sooo who says there aren't any predictive text options for the treo? Check out the following apps:

    CIC WordComplete
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