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    My Treo 300 is gonig out of warranty soon so I want to paint it. Can anyone point me to instructions on how to disassemble it. I can take the screws out but can't get much farther.
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    after you take the screws out, you have to unsnap it. It's a little tricky but you can do it.

    So go ahead and paint it .... I dare ya!
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    So where are the snaps. Do I pry out on the sides? top? bottom? I am going to paint it I just need to figure out how to take it apart without destroying it.
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    I hope you'll post some pictures, Ive considered this my self.

    Are you going for a solid color, or a full cutum air brush ?
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    Either solid or metalic. I am thinking either a black metallic or maybe a blue like the Zire. I mostly want to get rid of the silver.
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    I've only had mine apart once and it's been a while ago, but I believe their on the sides.
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    I've opened mine several times,
    2 snaps on each side, 2 on the bottom.
    the bottom ones are problematic.

    Here are a few tips:
    1) Back up everything before you open it up. Once open you will find batt is afixed to back hsng w/2-sided tape and connected to pcb with plug in connector. Unplug the batt = hard reset. Don't count keeping this plugged in, the wires are too short.

    2) turn wireless mode OFF before dis-assembling as the antenna will not be connected to the pcb when housings are opened up.

    3)Snap dis-engagement operation (after removing 4 screws):
    Use thumbnail running between both hsngs.
    Each side-upper snaps, then lower side snaps, then bottom snaps on each side of bottom connector. This will damage hsng plastics the least.

    4) Frnt hsng is connected to PCB with one center screw behind keypad. see images (link below)

    5) When re-assmebking be especially careful when snapping front hsng to back hsng. The weak link (and poor design) is the location of the flex that powers the display. It is right next to one of the side snaps, if you're not careful you will damage the flex line, don't let it get "wrinkled" or caught in the snap. A small piece of scotch tape(display glass to pcb) is a good method to cover and keep the flex away from hsng snap.

    6)Make sure batt and earpiece speaker plugs are in place, and top booton eschechon is in place before snapping hsngs back together.

    7)Check out these internal photos from the FCC web site (Handspring's FCC application July 02)[COLOR=blue]

    I hope this helps,
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    Thanks, that is exactly what I needed.
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    Once you open it.. it'll start creaking along the long edges.
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    If you would like to change the color of your Treo 300 without permanently modifying it you can try adding a skin. You can get the skin from The skin can be removed easily if a different color is desired. I will attach a few pics so you can see what they look like.

    For more pictures click here: Treo 300 Hardware Skin Pictures

    You will find 2 pages of picture including Royal Purple, Orange and White (ala iPod). Many other colors and patterns are available.

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    I think I'm going to hurl!
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    I have to offense to the poster but that is god awful...
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    I have to disagree with the last 2 posts, the white looks hidious - but my, that purple+orange is schweet. It's like the gostyle product done right... too bad there is nothing for the 180 or 270...
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Thanks for all the tips everyone. I did manage to take it a part and put it back together without destroying it. I ended up painting it Metallic black and left the flip silver. I was going for a Treo 600 look.

    I carried it to work today and most people asked me if it was a new phone. It looks very different (that was what I was after).

    I will post some pictures later tonight if I have a chance.
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    I actually dig the Tweety Bird Yellow color. I am always envious of the bazillion face plates available for "dumb" phones. Guess they have to be good for something!
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    Anyone have any ideas on how to paint the front of the treo with the hinge in the way? I don't want to paint it and then have the paint harden while it's drying and have it end up cracking. Any ideas?
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    This is the color i am going for... looks hot!
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    the white skin for the phone looks like a storm trooper off of star wars
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    Originally posted by Gordon-Gekko
    I've opened mine several times,
    These directions are awesome, Gordon. I was wondering if you have any thoughts about how to get into the little black box that contains the headset jack.
    As you may have seen in other posts, the end of my headset jack broke off in the phone (in the tube) and I can't get it out. So the phone is perpetually in 'handsfree mode'.

    Any thoughts on opening that little black box?

    Sprint doesn't cover this type of issue under warranty as they assert it is wear and tear.

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    Maybe backup your unit.. and use a strong magnet?

    Sorry to hear about your problem.
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