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    My apologies if this has probably been discussed before.

    Is it possible to install GPRS on the Treo 300? If not, why?

    Also, is CDMA really superior to GPRS? Why or why not?
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    You can think of it this way:

    GPRS is the data side of GSM.

    1x RTT is the data side of CDMA.

    The Treo 300 doesn't need GPRS because it as 1x RTT (and could never use GPRS because the Treo 300 is not a GSM phone - vice versa for the Treo 270).

    All things being equal, 1x RTT is superior to GPRS. However, due to differences in network infrastructures, different qualities of service at different geographical areas, etc. among the various carriers 1x RTT ends up being on average usually better than GPRS (but not always, and sometimes not by much).

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