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    I've used AvantGo with great success, I love it. Are there any other free programs that are similar to this?
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    The best and free
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    Some like Hand Story better than AG.
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    HandStory has one *incredible* feature that AvantGo doesn't have. If you come across an interesting web page and you don't have time to read it on your desktop, you can just click one button on your browser called "Save to Palm". After your next hotsync, the whole page is on your Palm in its entirety! Just the text, but it's very readable.

    And you can do this with the free version of HandStory. I highly recommend it!
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    I downloaded Hand Story--but I don't see the "save to palm" feature
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    What happens is that it installs an icon on your Internet Explorer toolbar. It looks like a hand with a wire attached to it, sort of like a mouse that looks like a hand. Mine is way over on the right side of the bar that also contains the Stop, Refresh and Home icons.

    All it takes is to hit that button, like I said, after which you just name the file and then it converts it. Then the next time you sync it brings it down, nice and clean and quietly too!

    If you don't have this icon, something may have gone wrong with your installation, so maybe you should reinstall it and watch for any prompts about desktop "support" or desktop "conversion", or something similar.

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