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    Originally posted by RayUSA
    So this first shipment of Treos will be one of the last few bearing the Handspring logo, which I kinda like better actually.
    Agreed. But, according to what I have read PalmOne is a parent name for its offspring lines. Hopefully the integrated pda/phones will remain under the heading of the Handspring family, a division of palmone per se. any thoughts?
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    It's very possible that the Handspring name could be retained as a subgroup title. "Treo" derived from combining 3 functions (PDA, Phone, Pager?) Now that there is a built in camera could we call it something like "Quadro?"

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    From the press release:

    Palm, Inc. today announced the new name it will adopt following the proposed spin-off this fall of PalmSource, Inc., makers of Palm OS platform software. The name "palmOne, Inc." will reflect the company's handheld computer hardware and software solutions business and encompass the subbrands Zire(TM) and Tungsten(TM), as well as Treo, upon the completion of the planned acquisition of Handspring, Inc., also expected this fall.
    I guess it will be the pa1mOne Treo after all...

    But if you count 5 functions... (PDA, phone, pager, web browser, camera), it might be called the pa1mOne Cinco (or Synco). Sounds like a Mexican smartphone.

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    Would you mind creating a new thread to discuss the naming? The title of this thread makes me click on it each time there's a new post only to find out it isn't saying anything new about availability "early October".

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