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    I posted this thread on Communications Software forum, but got no answer. More luck here, I hope


    Is there a 128/1024bit public/private key security browser capable of handling 1024bit PKCS12 (*.p12) Security Certificates out there?
    Either for Palm OS 3.5 (Treo 180/270/300) or 5.0 (Treo 600).

    Been browsing through T600 manual and using the simulator, but found no such support...
    This is the qoute from T600 GSM manual (page 59):


    Visit secure web sites. The
    128-bit SSL, strong
    encryption lets you browse
    secure sites, such as online
    shopping, banking, and
    email. Remember: some
    secure sites also require
    specific browsers, and may
    not work with Blazer.


    Sorry Handspring, my bank sure does not work through 128bit SSL; I have my Private Security Certificate and need a browser capable of supporting that...
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    Hmmm, my bank works with 128-bit SSL. In fact I thought that's pretty much the standard for desktop browsers nowadays.
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    I have been having the same trouble accessing secure sites with my Treo 180. I was hoping that an upgrade would fix this problem. I am using a demo of PDA Net to modem my laptop, but it is about to expire and I can not pay the full purchase becase of the security limits. I can not even on my yahoo email account when I opt for the secure mode. That essentially makes my modem useless if I can not reach such sites like my online banking. If anyone can offer any suggestions, and/or tell me if the T600 will be capable of browsing secure sites, then let me know.
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    And how do you identify yourself to your bank? Just with usr&pwd? And how do you know you are really connected to your bank, not some cracker, who stole bank's url? Well, my bank uses public key cryptography with public/private certificates on both sides for security...

    I also used PdaNET with my laptop with IE 6.0 and had no problems connecting to secure sites (with or without certificates). In this case, treo is just like any other modem, regardless of wired or wireless, and the secure connection is established between the PC and web server. This connection also works perfectly with WModem through IR port (regardless of information on Handspring site that simultaneous use of wireless modem and IR port is not possible). If you have problems with PDAnet connection, the problem must be somewhere else - con you connect with that PC through other connections (wired modem, LAN,...)?

    what I am looking for is a public cryptography enabled browser for the Treo itself (without the need to use a laptop), and so far have not discovered such a browser...
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    Precisely just a username and password works at, though I've never tried on my Treo 300. If someone steals Fleet's URL I have plenty of back-up paper copies of the money in my account to prove the money that I have. Also, seeing how Fleet is a corporation worth $31 billion, I think they can adequate refund my account from anything a cracker stealing a URL could do.

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