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    I bought an AOL program for my TREO 300. I can access my email fine but when I go to use the other functions such as weather or portfolios, it says I need Web Clipping software. Does anyone know how I can add web clipping in order to use all the aol functions?
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    Aol3.0 causes vision problens on my 300. My connection runs hot after a mail check (i.e. periodic green arrows on the launcher screen) Handango will give you your money back.
    3.0 is a great way to kill a full battery in a couple of hours.

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    Thanks very much for the information. That did the trick and my aol on my Treo is working fine.

    One more question, does anyone know of a good software program to access my corporate Lotus Notes from my Treo?

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    Do me a favor if you would. Check your email using 3.0. Log off 3.0 and switch to the launcher screen.

    It may take about 10 seconds for the vision arrows to turn grey after switching screens. Now watch the arrows for a minute or two and see if they re-initialize and turn green.

    I can't imagine how I can be the only one experienceing this...


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    I did as you suggested and did not see the arrows turning green.
    All appreard to be working fine.
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    Will this allow me to bypass having to use the Vision service? I was quite happy with my Kyocera using the wireless as a modem. I used Eudora to download email and used all the clipping apps. Also can Vision be used in conjunction with this?
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    I use the newer version of AOL for Palm to read my email, and I don't have Vision. I just use the phones modem to browse web.
    It does count against my minutes, but I've never gone over my minutes and that's why I don't spend the extra dinero for Vision.
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