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    Get a program like sync all and do a hotsync that should back everything up to your PC. THen you can do the update and then resync and everything will be back.
    The good news is that everything will be back
    the bad news is that everything will be back.

    It's not a bad idea every once in awhile with a Palm to actually reinstall everything by'll be amazed at how much memory you can find.

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    I do notice a few items that I haven't noticed before. Anyone know what they are?

    Runtime Resource Edi...
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    Originally posted by chiru

    I did the update too and the PhoneBook version is v 3.5H5.
    The number 3.5.2H6.3 looks familiar and upon inspection I found that the Palm OS version is 3.5.2H6.3.

    Does this mean that there was some version change in PalmOS?

    Anyone who did not do the update, please tell us the PalmOS version on your treo.

    Mine is Palm OS is 3.5.2H6.2 currently. And I did the first update, but not the second one yet. Probably will when I get home from work.
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    just got back from my local sprint pcs store and have a replacement treo in hand. I guess I need to do the update again.
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    I also recently loaded the Updater and my phonebook version remains at v.3.5H5; however, a very annoying problem has arisen in that I now get a "Fatal Alert: Memory Mgr.c, Line:4340, NULL handle" error message any time I try to run my Expense program (version 3.5). According to the Handspring website, this error message is supposedly only given when there is an insufficient memory problem. I remember when I was downloading the Updater that it said you needed something like 7M of free memory to load it but then it would free up the space after the load was finished. This seems to be true in that it says I have over 8M currently available. Does anyone have any idea why this error keeps happening and why it only happens when I attempt to access my Expense program?
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    I have never updated my Treo 300 with any of the updaters. I plan on doing it this week but would like to get some additional feedback on the 1.21 updater. Is everyone happy with it and would you recommend it? Any significant changes in performance? I've read this thread but wanted to see if anything new has developed over time.

    My Treo 300 has the following settings:
    Version is Palm OS v3.5.2H6.0
    Address Book in Palm OS is v1.0
    Blazer is v2.1.1
    Date Book is v3.5H2
    PhoneBook is v3.5H5
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    De-activate "Enable phone on reset" in TreoHelper before starting Updater!

    I completed the Updater yesterday and it took hours...because I did not de-activate "Enable phone on reset" in TreoHelper. I kept getting a Fatal Error Reset and looping around because it would always enable the phone, then attempt the update, and fail. My lack of tech knowledge is evident. This was not mentioned in any of the text. So FYI...

    Otherwise, I have not noticed any difference.
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