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    I had the misfortune to break my flip on the Treo 300. I had purchased the Phone and Service Contract at Circuit City. As rumored recently, Sprint and CC have severed their relationship.

    I went into CC yesterday (Mon. 8/4) and sure enough, this past Sunday was the last day of Sprint being available at CC. I asked what was I to do- they told me to go to Sprint (only across the street) and buy a new Treo 300 from Sprint. Bring the receipt back to CC and they would issue me a check.

    CC got the paperwork going and I ended up with a receipt from CC for the full amount that I had just paid for the phone AND the full service contract amount. I ended up with over $100 more than I had pair to Sprint. The only drawback is that it is supposed to take 3-4 weeks to get my money back.

    I asked if they had any word on the 600. but the agent was clueless.

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    Wow! You definitely lucked out there! It's too bad Circuit City will no longer sell Sprint phones because they definitely have one of thy best extended warranty plans out there. On the other hand, there might be a chance they might carry the GSM ver of the Treo 600 if T mobile etc finally release it...
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    That is really unique in the retail environment. 99% of extended service agreements state that they can reaplce the product with a similar item. At the minimum, I would expect them to give you store credit (so at least you would have to buy something from them). Full cash value is amazing. That manager might not be around for a while unless there is a change in how stores deal with this.
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    It could have gone another way. CC might have said, "hey we cover any malfunction of the device, but you broke it". Then you go to Sprint and say "it's a known problem", and maybe with the right techniques of not taking no for an answer, calling sprint customer service in the store, you might have got a sympathetic person to send you a reconditioned phone for free, which you then would have had to return to CC to get the serial number updated for your warranty to continue.

    So I'd say you lucked out big time. I'm trying to think how CC would handle it if you talked Sprint into giving you a free reconditioned replacement. Would CC still have given you your full purchase price back or would they have asked for the new serial number. At any rate, you did good, and if you don't have the $4/month Sprint warranty already, I would get it if I were you.
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    Right you are- I had to exchange twice before at Circuit City. I originally got my Treo from them. Each time it was technical problems, and I couldn't be happier how I was treated. As far as CC offering me a similar phone- what else is there. On the day that I did the final transaction with CC, the Manager said he had a sanyo or Samsung-but I told him that neither of them had a keyboard. Also, by then, I already had the new Treo in my hand.

    I don't have the Spring Service Contract yet. The salesperson told me that I have the 1 year warranty for my new phone, so I don't know why I would spend the $4. ?????

    All in all, a happy conclusion. I was prepared for a lot worse.

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    A few good reasons for the Spint Insurance for $4 a month are that it covers theft, breakage, and malfunction. So let's say you accidently flush your Treo down the toilet (which I did with a cell phone once - don't ask how), they will still give you another one.

    The Guy Yo
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    When I went and got a replacement for my lid-less Treo from Sprint, CC asked me to give them the new ESN and continue with the warranty. Actually, they didn't even have any ESN on file before the switch, and I'm not fully certain they entered a new ESN into their database. YMMV
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    best buy sucks. i bought2 from best buy with extended waranty. went to trade them in both broke in th same recent month even thoughb2 different users. Best Buys says they don't have treos so tought luck. they should givr me my money back.

    went to sprint 2 new phones. no mess. synced them up and away we went.

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