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    At least launched at the same time as the Treo 600, as described in some of these threads.

    The option described on these threads described a Bluetooth SDIO adapter that would provide Bluetooth support for not only the serial communications stuff, but also the Bluetooth headset profiles.

    The existing Bluetooth SDIO adapters use a chipset that don't natively support voice or telephony Bluetooth profiles. This means that even if someone updated the drivers for the existing card to support PalmOS 5.x, it would only work for wireless synchronization or internet access, but not for connecting to a Bluetooth headset. There would have to be new hardware for that to occur.

    Which brings me to my second point. If there is a new Bluetooth SDIO adapter in the offing, it would have to have received FCC approval by now to consider a simultainious launch with the Treo 600.

    I am not saying that we will never see it, or that the rumor was completely false. I am just saying that it is unlikely to arrive as described before the end of the year. Hope I am wrong.
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    this would be a true disappointment if this is true.

    Bluetooth is what i would consider an essential feature in any high end portable machine - including the treo 600.

    I would hold off my purchase if there was no way for me to use a bluetooth headset without the use of an external adapter. SDIO and other work arounds would be acceptable, but I can't understand why Handspring/Palm include the things that would be this unit the very pinnicle of portable phones/pdas.

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