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    That's right! I told a Sprint rep that I'm on my 8th Treo 300 & still having problems (turbo drain after firmware upgrade). I then suggested that I trade my 300 for the 600 when they come out as the problems with the 300 have not been alleviated even after my 8th one. She agreed!! She made a note on my account that said this would be ok & that I would pay the difference if the 600 would be more than the og price of $500 I paid for the 300. She was ready to let me trade it in right now for the hitachi or samsung I500. I said I'd rather wait for the 600. Boy oh boy I'm excited. But knowing Sprint's history, I wouldn't be surprised if come October they somehow couldn't find the note. Well I got the csr's username and date of note just in case. She assured me that I wouldn't just get some measly "upgrade" discount but I would be able to trade my 300 for the 600. Time will only tell...
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    Anyone want to take bets on this one panning out!

    I sincerely wish you the best of luck trying to get then to honor that note in your account.

    Please update us when/if it happens!

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