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    I have been using my Treo 300 for a couple of months now... and it is wonderful! By routinely using the keyboard... my days of a converged device using only Grafitti are gone.

    I have not yet reset mt Treo, unless prompted to do so after a HotSync because of a software installation.

    But, I just recently noticed that when my keyboard is backlit, my "7" is not really bright? I have never noticed it before, so I assume that at one time it was workign but not be now?

    Isn't the "plastic" material under the keyboard backlight from one side and the lights travels accross the whole keyboard - which may be causing the effect?

    What is everyone's take?

    P.S. I'm not going to return the unit just for this... because otherwise my unit works very well in all respects.
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    the 7 on my 300 is the same as yours. I think it's just the design. I've had my Treo since Oct. '02 no problems.
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    Whew, thanks ImageOne!

    You definately helped slow the pitter-patter of my little heart.


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