Is there a 128/1024bit public/private key security browser capable of handling 1024bit PKCS12 (*.p12) Security Certificates out there?
Either for Palm OS 3.5 (Treo 180/270/300) or 5.0 (Treo 600).

Been browsing through T600 manual and using the simulator, but found no such support...
This is the qoute from T600 GSM manual (page 59):

Visit secure web sites. The
128-bit SSL, strong
encryption lets you browse
secure sites, such as online
shopping, banking, and
email. Remember: some
secure sites also require
specific browsers, and may
not work with Blazer.

Sorry Handspring, my bank sure does not work through 128bit SSL; I have my Private Security Certificate and need a browser capable of supporting that...