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    TI and Broadcom put out some PRPRPR $this$ $AM$ $about$ $their$ $chips$ $in$ $the$ $TREO$ $600$ - $that$ $in$ $and$ $of$ $itself$ $is$ $unusual$ ($two$ $PRs$ $in$ $one$ $day$ $mentioning$ $a$ $Handspring$ $product$) - $IMHO$, $must$ $have$ $got$ $the$ &$quot$;$Ok$&$quot$; $from$ $Handspring$ $to$ $release$ $them$ $due$ $to$, $say$, $finalized$ $design$?

    Anyhow, the TI OMAP310 and the Broadcom BCM2121 are them:



    So the question is - where does that leave Silicon Labs?

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    That's very interesting, two companies both saying they have their GSM/GPRS technology in the Treo 600. There are two things I can think of:

    1) One company jumped the gun before the deals were actually signed.

    2) Both are going to be used, but possible in different regions. Maybe Silicon in Europe and Broadcom in the US.

    Who knows, its interesting.

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    TI has been known about for awhile - this is the cpu.

    I'm still confused, but i think im starting to understand this.

    Broadcom is providing the GSM processor, which is like the actual modem chip which turn voice into digital, and handles data, network stuff etc etc.

    Silicon Labs is providing the GSM transceiver which is the actual radio part.

    I admit I am not "techy" enough to know this stuff off the top of my head, so I'm contacting HS about, expect a reply tommorow.

    If anybody else has something to add please do, or if im wrong, correct me!

    BTW, the best thing about all these PRPRPR'$s$ $are$ $that$ $Handspring$ $doesn$'$t$ $co$ $sponser$ $them$ $or$ $anything$ - $ie$ $instead$ $of$ $getting$ $these$ $in$ $my$ $email$ $when$ $i$ $wake$ $up$ $as$ $most$ $HS$ $pr$'$s$ $are$, $because$ $these$ $are$ $done$ $by$ $third$ $party$'$s$ $i$ $find$ $out$ $about$ $them$ $later$. $quite$ $annoying$.
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    I'm not an expert, but I didn't see any contradictions in all the announcements. I think all three components are being used. They have different functions:

    - TI: Microprocessor (for Palm OS and multimedia)
    - Silicon labs: Tranceiver (transmitter/receiver of radio signals over the air).
    - Broadcom: GSM/GPRS baseband processor (creates and interprets transmitted/received signals).

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