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    When I go to sync my email with my work email using Business Connect I keep geting the following error and then it resets.

    DataMgr.c, Line:5964,
    Invalid uniqueID passed

    It's really starting to get on my nerves. I did not do the update yet either and the Treo is only 3 weeks old.
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    I'd LOVE to know what this error is. I get and can't figure out how it happens. Oddly, whenever I have my sync setting to be 'push" but not syncing at set periods like every 2 hours, it'll crash more often. If I say to push messages and sync every two hours, I'll rarely crash.

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    DataMgr is the software on the Palm OS that manages the Palm databases (where all data is stored). Each record in a Palm OS database has a unique Id to distinguish one record from another.

    An application may ask the DataMgr to find a record by the Unique Id.

    In the case of your error, an application (or conduit) is asking the DataMgr for a record that does not exist, or the database is corrupt, and the application is not doing proper error handling.

    If the error is happening when Business Connect is syncing, then I would contact the authors and ask them for help.
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    I called Sprint Tech Dept. and was told to delete the Business Client from the Treo and download the one from teh website and install it. The thing is, the one on my Treo is a newer version than on the website for some reason. I guess I will tryit when I get to work on Monday.
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    I was getting the same error. Then I installed the new Treo Update (from , chose Palm OS 3.5, then Treo300 Updater 1.21). Since then, I haven't seen the error yet.
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