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    Perhaps yes, we have been brainwashed into thinking that a smaller phone is "more right" or "better looking". If we were to put one of the first generation cell phones to our head, those huge, big *ss gray looking things or better yet, those army phones, people would laugh at you in disgust. Well it looked fine back then. Society has gone too far into what looks appropriate or what is acceptable as a cell phone these days. I obviously didnt think the Treo 300 was too big or else I woulnd't have bought one. But I'm not denying the fact that all my friends tell me dang, my phone is big! Well, it's only an opinion, so right, we shouldnt care.

    But from an empiral standpoint, there are more people saying the phone is too big, than people that dont think it is. There are far more people without Treos than there are with Treos, and all those people are saying the phone is too big (wide). You should go with the opinion of the general public, which is non-Treo owners. You also can't deny the fact that the Treo is one of the fattest phones out there to date. Only because they put a keyboard in there. See, some phones, like the Nokia communicator and the Audiovox Shira or whatever, have either the keyboard sideways, or the internet screen scroll sideways, so you would hold the phone sideways and maybe the keyboard fits better that way, on the vertical side of the phone, to be differentiated. Maybe Jeff can give that a try and see if it works better..though i dont think the phone would be any slimmer that way.
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    The phone is this wide to support a useable keyboard. Any narrower and you'd have to use a stylus to hit the keys--very useful!!

    People who want a narrow phone have MANY choices to go with other than the Treo. If it's true that the phone is outdated already, people that want a narrow phone should get one of those more advanced phones that are narrow.

    I don't understand people who say (1) "the phone is already outdated" but (2) "it should be narrower, gaddamit". Unless they are worried for Handspring as a company, it seems that they have already made up their minds by saying (1). Why do they want the outdated phone to be narrower if it's not that good?

    If you want a keyboard, there are no phones with keyboards smaller than the CURRENT Treos, let alone the 600, which is smaller still!

    You can't get everything in life. Make a choice and stop whining.

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    Well, having just tried out a Samsung A620 phone, I can say I really miss the width of the Treo. It's much more comfortable holding the Treo with my entire palm than holding the Samsung with my fingertips. And I think it's the flip cover that makes the treo look so big. If it had the speaker right above the screen and was missing the flip, I think it wouldn't look as 'big' to people.

    I am going to miss the flat back of the current Treo's. I love being able to lay it down on the table and use the speaker phone while having both hands free. Yeah I know the 600 won't be that much different laying on it's side, but the 300 still has a great form factor IMO. Only thing it's missing are upgrades like speed, screen, BT, etc.
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    I dont mean that the design is outdated, I mean the capabilities are. The phone is right up there with the best current offerings-MP3 player, MMS (GPRS only), video (third party only, not built in camcorder), pictures, but new phones will have FM radio built in. About trying to make this phone narrower, as in the treo 700, its still possible to shave off like .25 inches and still maintain good typing performance. Just make the keys narrower and more vertical, dont make them diagonal, like in teh treo 300, but just put them closer together. cause they made the keys too big on the 600. they were fine on the 300.

    The 600 will lay flat on the table so you can use speakerphone, its just it will wobble a few seconds before being flat, but that wont stop the speakerphone from being loud and clear. Now that there are 2 speakers, it will be even better and the flatness wont be an issue. I just hope that by the time the Treo comes out and it is priced fairly with certain phone plans (say 300 after rebates), I will have to compare it to other smartphones and see if the Treo600 is to my liking the most. I'm not saying it's a bad phone at all..its just that once you weigh in form factor, capabilities, no MMS (for Sprint, only for GPRS people), no streaming video(need third party), low res screen, there are other phones that might be more appealing to me. Otherwise, if there are none, I will go with the Treo 600. All in all is it worth the money versus other places you can put your money? Perhaps not..since this thing will be worth $200 in a year anyway..when the next Treo comes is it worth burning your $300 (500-200) in a year? Up to you guys....I love technology..we'll see what tech has to offer us in a years time.
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