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    I've never used a portable MP3 player and have a few questions.

    I'm currently putting my CD collection into my computer using Dell Musicmatch Jukebox. Before I get too far, will this program be all I need to create MP3 on an SD card to play on the Treo 600? I've transferred files to a card already, but right now I can only play them back on the computer as a test. I plan on getting a 1GB card which is supposedly due in the Fall as well.

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    that should do it.

    rip cd to mpg (or any other format the palm player will support)
    copy these files to the media in the manner that the palm player wants.

    Copying the files to media should work.
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    I would be wary about the encoding used. If it's too high a bit rate (or perhaps variable bit rate) perhaps it won't work. My recommendation would be to encode at 128 kilobits/sec with a fixed bit rate and using the standard MP3 format (instead of Windows Media or anything else).
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    I have Musicmatch set to MP3 CD Quality (128kbps) so I guess that's ok?
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    Yes, that should be fine - I know certain programs (ahead Nero) have MP3PRO functions, which sound awful if played as regular MP3s, but it sounds like what you're talking about is regular MP3.

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