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    I've come to the realization that Handspring's software is horrid. It's either that or the hardware is. And I have a hard time believing it's the hardware.

    Does anyone know of a replacement phone application for the Treo 270? Because I'm truly uncomfortable with my current app which is the HS default.

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    Not to sound critical, but could you comment on why you think that? The phone is actually my main reason for getting the Treo. I don't know of any other devices (and I think I've looked at them all) that lets me store all my contacts and find the exact one to dial in three or four buttons maximum (often only two).
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    I don't beleive there's a problem with the hardware. I don't trust Handspring's software. It's given me too many problems. The phone itself, the Treo 270 I mean, is just a precursor to the Treo 600 which should be a good phone to get. Although my thoughts on the Treo line itself is pretty poor.

    The issues I have is when I power on and off my Wireless Mode, it seems to take forever, and will only do it in certain conditions, that's just one... The Wireless GPRS is more often than not interrupted when losing signal but the software doesn't realize it... Although I'm to understand that it's more of an OS issue I believe.

    The way Handspring operates is by providing the same hardware year after year with modified software. If you look at the difference between the Visor Edge, and Visor Deluxe (when the two were still offered) The performance difference had little to do with hardware improvements, but with software upgrades and tweeks. As soon as you removed the Handspring software, all that added speed left with it.

    I'm a former Deluxe, Prism, and current Treo 270 owner. Since Handspring's inception, they've used the 160x160 resolution, and the same processor up to the Treo 600 which is yet to be released. And still they use the old resolution.

    Too many products have hit the market that have better screens, faster processors, and better features than the Handspring. Why do I still have my 270, and why do I look forward to the 600 with all its obvious flaws right off the bat? Because I trust Handspring, regardless of all these issues, other companies just don't offer the support, and the professionalism that Handspring does. And usually Handspring is cheaper than the rest... Usually.

    A Palm Tungsten costs about the same as a 270 used to (With Service Contract) and was ONLY a pda, granted a superior PDA than the Treo 90 which was I think, half the price?

    I'm at the point where I need to upgrade the software, and get rid of the buggy Handspring stuff before I lose my mind.
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    Well, there are two phone apps mentioned by people (Takephone & Finger Dial). I haven't tried them, but I think they won't fix the issues you mention. The issues sound like firmware / OS issues.

    To put some perspective, I've tried a number of devices including Sony Ericsson T68i, T610, P800, T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone edition, Tungsten T, and few others that I tried but didn't own.

    For the issues you've stated I've seen similar or worse things on all these phone devices. Straight phones are even worse since it's impossible to get firmware upgrades even when they come out. You have to send it to the manufacturer but in the U.S. most of them won't do upgrades (but they will in Europe). If you think the Treo is buggy, just try the PocketPC phone edition. Yikes!

    I think the Treo 270 is underpowered and I'm really looking forward to the Treo 600. I tried the 270 when it first came out, but due to three hardware failures in a month and no GPRS I gave up on the Treo and returned it. In the meantime I tried all the devices and more above. Feature wise the SE P800 has the Treo beat hands down and "feature" wise even beats the Treo 600.

    However after using it for a month I hated it. It was buggy too, and the usability was unbelievely bad. When in phone mode (it a flip attached to the bottom with phone keys on it that covers most of the screen) it was less usable than a cheap phone. When it PDA mode, you had to use a stylus only and it had the most hideous stylus ever conceived. The ultimate oriental torture device! Even with an ARM processor and Symbian OS it was very slow at many tasks but OK with a few. I was very very disappointed with it. It has a 208 x 320 screen but in general it gave me less usable info than the Treo.

    When the Treo 600 was announced, I fealt much better about the Treo line having a future. I also wanted to be able to use some of the best in class Palm software like Datebk 5 again. So I got the 270 to tide me over. Although I feel in feature withdrawal, it's worked better in the past 4 weeks than a year ago and better the Pocket PC and P800. It's frustrating at times, but I don't think there a better usable solution out there right now.
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    I concur whole heartedly with your assesment of the Treo vs. other PDA/Cell Phone mixes. It is by far superior in the sense that it offers a Palm OS platform which is infinitely expandable rather than a Blackberry might offer a "Digital Assistant" comparatively to Treo's "Portable Computing Platform".

    I'm just tired of hitting all these bugs consistently, and was wondering if there were ways around them, my first instinct being to replace the software which considering the Treo's design makes sense.

    If there is replacement firmware for the Treo 270, I haven't heard about it. Even a replacement OS might solve some issues.

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