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    I'm a sucker for upgrades. I'm going to give the Treo 300 upgrader a shot. <Holding breath>
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    There's a saying ...if it ain't broke...........don't fix it....god speed.
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    I too have been teetering - even launched the installer, but stopped it once I saw I had to have 6Mb free on the Treo (I have about 3). Let us know how it goes...(I think I might be OK since I have a fairly new refurb unit, and I'm hoping that the super-fast battery drain would happen more to the some of the original units, once upgraded).
    I also have a strange thing happening lately where my device keeps turning on all by itself (the Palm side, not the radio) - that's been discussed in another thread. I think a hard reset is my only option at this point for that turning on thing, and I thought 'why not give the updater a shot at the same time/same process as the hard reset'.
    But it's like buying a pit bull or something - you hope against hope that nothing bad will happen. You never know...
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    Okay. Updater is all done. No adverse effects yet. I'll report back later.
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    You're not the only one who's got his fingers crossed for 1.21. The lid broke off on my 300 on Friday (and I thought I would be one of the lucky ones to have it last a whole year). I returned it yesterday, but got a replacement from Sprint that had a defective keyboard. So I got another replacement today, and checked the Firmware...


    If your Treo is showing problems, but not so many as to make it unusable, and you have qualms about the update, you might want to reconsider trading it in.
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    I'm one of those that has every update or patch on every software I own. I also always have the latest firmware on hardware, but when I read all the horror stories... Now I'm thinking what are the improvements with upgrading. I don't have any hacks or problematic apps installed so I'm guessing my Treo will survive the update. But someone please tell me something extraordinarily good about it. Waiting............
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    Nothing extraordinary. But nothing bad either. In fact I wouldn't even know it was done if I'd not done it myself.
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    Well I could no longer hold back. Like Icarus sailing into the sun on wings of wax, here I go....aaaiiieeeeeeeeee

    I'll also report back any findings.
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    I'm a sucker for upgrades. I'm going to give the Treo 300 upgrader a shot. <Holding breath>

    LOL, I just asked this in another thread and you grounded me, so I held off. I hope I didn't get your wheels turning again!

    Fingers crossed.

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    So far no big thang. Upgrade went fine. Had to re-update my PRL with *2.
    Guess time will tell if/when I get the dreaded battery drain (note that I wanted/needed to do a hard reset anyway, so I took the chance to do both at the same time).
    Snooze. I suppose I have <some> satisfaction of having the upgrade, but yet I also dread any possible and unknown mystery issues. What an adventure this is...whheeeee
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    I upgraded my treo immediately once the update was available, and I really haven't experienced any of the horror stories other users here have described. All in all, I don't think I've noticed much of a difference at all. The only noticable changes are more frequent hang-ups while trying to connect to vision, but that is quickly solved by simply re-freshing blazer. I've also noticed slight faster download speeds with blazer (purely subjuective of course) and slightly less battery life, but not too much. I also experienced one RBOD right after the upgrade, but none since. Overall, I think the upgrade was pretty smooth...
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    A possible trade-off of "blazer running faster" vs "battery draining faster" is no reason to upgrade, especially for those who require their pda data for business, but to each his own, or however it goes.

    The only deficiency I find with my treo (wobbly lid) can't be fixed via software.

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