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    I'm about to move from a Visor Deluxe to a Treo, but don't know the best way to transfer my applications from one machine to the other.

    I'm thinking of giving the Treo the same hotsync name as the Visor and setting the system to overwrite the pda. I'm hoping this would not only work, but that it would bypass the problem of registered software becoming 'unregistered' on the new machine. I know I can't hotsync two machines with the same name, so I would rename my Visor afterward, which would unregister the software there.

    Any advice would be appreciated!
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    When I moved from the Prism to the Treo, I installed each app again, instead of syncing them over.

    It you can't or dont want to do this, disable all hacks and delete any specific hs os upgrades that you may have on the visor. It .would be great if you had a backup module to back up the visor pre deletion

    Sync the visor.

    Sync the treo. Pick the correct name, and everything should transfer over.
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    Thanks for the advice.

    I'ts the registered apps, like Datebook 5, that I'm worried about. I'm assuming their 'registeredness' is specific to my hotsync id and will not transfer to a new machine. That's why I'm planning on naming my new machine the same as my old one.
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    Most Programs you register, cling to the hotsync id.

    So if you keep the name, and sync everything over it should still work.
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    I did the same thing, went from a Deluxe to 90. If you keep the same name everything should synch. If not, just beam from Deluxe to 90. For some reason I think I had to do that with a couple of apps. I would suggest you go back to some of your apps and see if they make a color version. I found a couple of the games I used on the visor actually had a color version. I can tell you one thing, you're going to like going from b/w to color. Might as well plan on getting an SD card, if you didn't already. It will make life much easier.:shortcut:
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    Thanks again. Hotsynced without any problem. Also had to beam a couple apps from the old machine to the new - no obvious reason why these few were left behind.

    I do like the switch to color - very much - but I'm surprised at my disappointment over the lack of Graffiti on the Treo. I guess I used it more than I thought. Getting used to using the keyboard though, so I should get over it.

    On the Graffiti line, it says on the Treo box that free Graffiti software is available for the Treo from Handspring. Following the link, I just see two third party vendors who of course want registration fees. What gives there?
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    I only have a few apps I paid for. One is Beyond Contacts and I bought the calender maker for Pendragon's Calender Vierwer. It allows you to see a calender like the one you hang on the wall. The "Maker" allows you to put your own pics in it. The "viewer is free" and can be had at It also has a link to your datebook (but not Beyond Contacts). As far as Graffiti, try Graffiti Anywhere which allows you to write on the screen. I can't get the numbers to work but it works great for letters, and it's free. I believe you can get it at Colorize is another free-be to add a little custom touch. It can be found at Freeware as well. I would also suggest Silver Screen, although you have to pay for it. I like the icon choices it gives you as well as the themes. Silver Screen also offers easy management of your SD card. Get it at If you look around you'll be amazed at all the cool freeware out there. I would suggest reading any reviews before just downloading. I found a big adjustment with the keyboard as well but after a few weeks it isn't so bad. Graffiti is much quicker for taking notes at meetings and classes. Oh yeah, you might want DiddleBug as well. Great for taking notes but no color yet. You can get it at Freeware too. Hope that helps. :shortcut:
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    Originally posted by gimford
    On the Graffiti line, it says on the Treo box that free Graffiti software is available for the Treo from Handspring. Following the link, I just see two third party vendors who of course want registration fees. What gives there?
    I know I'm chiming in late, but...

    Handspring used to offer Jot for free through their website, but after about a year or so they stopped offering it...well after they stopped manufacturing the 90, so I guess that makes them in the clear. I don't know if they just didn't re-up their license for the software or what, but they don't offer it anymore...
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    By the way, I slightly prefer "Newpen" as a graffiti replacement.

    It basically works the same except that you activate it not by holding down a button, but by checking a little box that appears at the bottom of every screen that accepts input. What's nice about this is that you don't have to hold down any buttons, or do anything with buttons at all -- all the controls are right on the screen.

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    get a 600 and put it on the card and transfer!
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    OK, I just finally laid to rest my old Visor deluxe and got a new Treo 90 (which I know is in itself already "old" but oh well). My question for other treo 90 users... how and when do you use the stylus? Now that there are keys and no graffiti, i find it awkward to use the stylus to, say, open a memo or note, and then i have to put down the stylus and use the keys to edit it. Yet i have to pick up the stylus again if i want to navigate to a different line of text.

    Are there keyboard shortcuts to move around a screen, like the way in Windows you use alt/tab to toggle through open apps?

    I just am not getting it... i find myself using my finger on the screen and never using the stylus, cause every time I pick it up I end up having to put it down to use the keyboard a second later. Any hints from long-term Treo 90 users?
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    I made the move too....what a difference!
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    There are several Hacks which free you from using the stylus for many applications. They require the use of a Hack manager like X-Master or Hack-Master.

    double quick hack
    Treo KB Launcher Lite

    A really great application called CoLauncher allows you to create your own application shortcuts for each keyboard key and hard key combinations available. Its not documented to work with the Treo keyboard but it works great.

    I just found a DA (Desk Accessory) called cursorDA which allows you to "tap" launcher icons and on-screen buttons by use of the hard keys only (and flip lid closed).

    Sometimes it is just quicker and easyer to tap the screen with your finger instead of using the above, but you can get very quick with them with practice.

    By the way, several of the web pages for the above apps are in Japanese so you will have to translate the pages with BabbleFish.
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    Another stylus-free hack is treo keyboard utils:
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    I agree that treokbutils is great, although I use it only for scrolling up/down/around within text files. I've programmed the up-down-left-right buttons to be w, z, a, d in that order. Since you activate it by pressing the shortcut key with your right thumb, this works very nicely.

    Of course, don't forget McPhling, an excellent Hack or X-Master extension that lets you do the equivalent of the Windows alt/tab thing that the other guy was mentioning.

    The best way I've found to set up McPhling is to program the "Apps" function to work with the second hard key. This brings up a list of the most-recently-used apps, plus your favorites, if you program it that way. Then, when the list is up, you can scroll up the list via the scroll-up key, and then you select the app you want by either pressing the space bar or by using the return key with your right thumb.

    I think these two are great!

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