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    is ther a way to unlock my treo 300, I would like to go to a different carrier...

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    Originally posted by ctballroom
    is ther a way to unlock my treo 300, I would like to go to a different carrier...

    Resistance is futile.
    The treo 300 is Sprint only.

    If you really want to switch to another carrier and want a similar experience to using the treo 300, you can get a treo 270 (major rebates available at, no I don't a kickback) and go with AT & T or T-Mobile (TM has an unlimited data plan, similar to Sprint's). Data Transfers will be slower, and there are some minor differences in features for the different phones, but it is as close as you can get on another carrier, to my (limited) knowledge.
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    Technically speaking CDMA phones don't really have a "subscriber lock" like a GSM phone, so they can't really be "unlocked." It's true that the programming menus that you need to access can only be accessed if you have the MSL, but you will always need the MSL to get in there.

    In other words, you can't just get it "unlocked" and then have unrestricted access to the programming menus. You will always need to enter the MSL every time you need to reprogram it.

    So, you could say "you need to get the MSL" but it's sort of odd to say "you need to get it unlocked."

    Anyway, even if you did manage to get the MSL, you couldn't necessarily use it on another carrier anyway b/c the Treo 300 is only a monoband 1900 MHz handset. The only other major cdma carrier in NA, Verizon, uses mostly the 800 MHz band. Thus you woudl be out of luck regardless...
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