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    Hello Treo Community:

    It was great to find this forum and such a helpful community of users.

    I have two questions regarding my new Treo 90.

    I did a search around but could not find specific answers.

    Q1. Battery Life:

    I charged my Treo for the first time on Monday night 10pm and by Wednessday 10pm the battery low message came on. My screen brightness was at the highest, and I did about 7 hotsyncs while I was adding and upgrading software. I did not use it a whole after that. Is this short battery life normal or should I be talking to Handspring?

    Q2. A stylus based launcher

    I saw several great posts and reccomendations for Launcher programs that use buttons or combinations. However, I am interested in finding something that lets me get to the launcher just using the stylus and the screen. I become so used to tapping the home icon with my stylus to find and launch apps.

    Any reccomendations? I noticed there does not seem to be a way to set screen gestures like with my other Handspring, a strock down and right might take me to the application launcher.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Best Regards,
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    1. Battery life will vary with how you use your 90. If you use it in 20 minute spurts rather than 5 minute spurts, the battery won't last as long. Also, using at full brightness will greatly reduce battery life. If you double click your power button when your 90 is already, you'll quickly be reduced to half brightness. This is too dim for most peoples' tastes though. I get about 4 hours usage from a charge at full brightness. That's very good when you realize that the 90's brightness level is better than most OS4.1 PDAs and the battery lasts almost twice as long as some. The only answer is to top of your battery whenever possible. There's a Treo Car charger and some battery pack charge options that may help you do this.

    2. Most users prefer button and KB launchers. You'll quickly find yourself trying to do everything by KB, since it's a pain to use both the stylus and the thumboard. The fastest I've found is LazyLauncher which brings up a list of apps that's navigable by scroll buttons and kb. You can launch apps with one hand. Its speed comes from the fact that you don't need to bring up all the icons in the launcher. That saves a lot of time. There's also a hack called DoubleClick that brings up the the home screen by double tapping on the menu button. From here you can navigate the standard home screen by thumboard and tapping the icons on the screen. LL and DC are both freeware.

    Sorry I'm not giving you a recommendation on a standard launcher, but I haven't use one in a while.

    Enjoy your 90,

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    Hello Kevin:

    Thanks for the great help.

    I stop back by if I have any questions.

    Best Regards,
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    Hello Kevin:

    I was able to find LazyLauncher through a forum search here.

    I tried finding DoubleClick through a search here, Google, PalmGear and Handango.

    Could you point me in the right direction?

    Thanks again,
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    Guess if I told you the right name of the product it would help. DoubleQuick:

    Incidentally you'll need XMaster to run these. It's also freeware. At the usual sites and from the developer at

    There are numerous other apps to make your life happy with your 90. LL can also lanuch Desk Accessories that can change system prefs without changing the apps. Nice ones are Show Hide Changer, which can turn privacy on and off. VolumeDA is a very quick volume control. To Upper changes the case of highlighted words. infoDA pops up the date, time, battery power, and free memory figures.

    Plamgear has DAs as well as "Cute and Funky DAs". I can't seem to track the address, but the above quote in Google will get you there.


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