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    When I activate xRing on my Treo, incoming call will only be displayed after more than 5 rings (I tested by calling my treo from my fixed line) so there are cases where the caller just hang up cos they think I am not available.

    Then I deactivated xRing, incoming call notification displayed only after 2 rings.

    So I suspect the processing of xRing causes so much delay.

    Anyone experience the same problem with Ringo or other application for ringtone notifation?

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    I use XRing and haven't had this problem at all.
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    are you using the ringtones that came with the treo or others? does the behavior change depending on the ringtone?
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    I think I found out the problem is because I have thousands of contacts in my address book so it slows down significantly the way xRing tries to differentiate the ringtone for incoming call.

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