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    My battery went from lasting 2 hours to 20 minutes!

    I could not believe it!

    Fortunately I broke my flipper and for $ 35 I got a new refurbished model with the old firmware 1.02 and what a pleasure...long battery times!

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    Well I'll post an alturnative viewpoint and some thoughts.

    I did the upgrade about a month ago. My battery actually last LONGER now. Routinely makes it all day without need for supplemental charge at my office and still has greater than 50% battery by late evening when I plug it in. I use web services and Business Connect all day, average about 30minutes of talk a day on week days.

    One thing that I do differently than most users is that I do not let BC push messages. When I want to check my email, I tell it to do so. It connects, transfers email etc in seconds. I also have it set to disconnet the data connection after 1 minute of inactivity. Since reconnect is so fast since the upgrade, I don't miss the 'always on' thing. High priority email messages still get through immediatly as they generate a page in addition to the email.

    I guess the battery issue depends on how you use the phone. Since the upgrade, Blazer is much snappier, email is faster and I have far fewer lockups when dealing with data vs voice connections. Almost no lockups now. Actually go weeks at a time between reboots.

    I for one am happy with the upgrade. I hope Sprint/Handspring continues working the software and fixes the rest of the problems and gets 'always on data' working without battery drain.

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    I couldn't agree more. I do the exact same things (not pushing email and disconnecting after period of inactivity) as you and have had absolutely no problems with battery life since the upgrade. I did the upgrade about three weeks ago and have not experience turbo drain since.

    Question for you. How do you get high priority emails to send you a page as well?

    Aaron J. Wood
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    I carry my phone with the cell signal on but the data signal off. When I use blazer I disconnect after I exit. (I do not like the "extra radiation" cause that happens to be my business -- see and --)

    Maybe that's what happened...maybe Sprint made it OK if one had both signals on.

    With my new refurbished unit I am back to the 2 hours.
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    It's unfortunate that having data services "on" uses power to that extent. Vision does have great speed benefits over GPRS, but with GPRS leaving the connection on has absolutely no perceptible effect on power use. I leave my connection on all the time in my 270 and I never think about it.
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    I haven't experienced any real problems after updating. I think battery life has always sucked.
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    I only had the Treo for a short time before doing the upgrade...and maybe I just didn't notice how bad the battery life is.

    Whatever the cause...if I had known that I could expect about an hour or so of talk time out of the 300 I would have never bought it. It's an absolute joke when compared to some other Smartphones out there.

    A real shame too because other than that it has some very nice features.

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    Maybe a dumb question: How do you disconnect the data service?

    I use TreoMail all day long and after the upgrade can't last a whole day without a charge. I was already used to carrying chargers with me, so it hasn't been too serious a problem.

    However, I liked the upgrade. Transitioning screens is snappier. The sound quality is better. I only have to soft reset once every few weeks versus every few days.
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    That is really the way to look at it. After the upgrade I would see the red line of the battery every day. Before the upgrade I would see it once a month, and usually I would end up at half battery at worst.

    It amazes me the Sprint guys do not tackle this. But then again, the 600 is on top of us and every single one of us nerds will upgrade to the 600 I'm sure.

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