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    Trying to setup firewall rule to allow my Treo 300 thru on ssh1, but I don't know what my IP address is! Anyone know how to determine your IP address or address range (if dynamic)?
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    Got those from watching my logs, and then doing a whois on each IP to get the range it is from.
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    What logs did you get those ranges from? Normally I would just login to one of my UNIX systems and do a "who", but they don't accept SSH1, just SSH2.

    From within the Palm OS and/or Sprint network settings, do you know of a way to determine the currently assigned IP address? Otherwise, what other method(s) have you used to determine the address?
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    I was looking at my mail log, but you can easily check from the device. Prefs->Network->Menu->Options->View Log.
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    That's what I was looking for, thank you Potato Head!

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