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    According to the manual (page 63),

    "The camera takes 12-bit color pictures that are at a maximum resolution of 640x480 pixels (0.3 megapixels)."

    My understanding is that most digital cameras take 24-bit color photos which allows over 16 million colors. A 12 bit photo only has 4096 shades of color. I know that if I set my monitor to 12-bit color I can readily see banding instead of smooth color transitions.

    It does match the screen's color output capability, but I don't think these photos would look very good when printed for display. We should remind ourselves that this is really not a substitute for a digital camera.

    Are other PDA cameras also only 12-bit?
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    I would think that these cameras would always take pictures that match the color depth of the display. Even the best PDA/phone/camera isn't going to take pictures of the quality of a dedicated digital camera. However, if you're out somewhere without your digital camera, and you happen to run into Salma Hayek or something, you can at least get some kind of picture and instantly email it to your wife and tell her why you'll be home late...oops. Well, I guess all but that last part could happen
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    I've taken some pics with my digital cam at 3.1 and the lowest setting 0.8. I think the pics taken with the 600 will be good for viewing on a PDA, email or the web, but not print quality.
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    Photo quality? No, but I wouldn't really use a PDA/phone to take photos I intend to print anyway. It is just a convenient little feature. Still, I think a Treo with at least a 2 megapixel camera is not too far away.

    Here is an interesting article comparing the image quality of some leading mobile phones on the market. I'd like to see how the Treo 600 stands up...

    Image Quality Comparison of Cell Phones with Megapixel Cameras
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    I expected that it would take a better picture than 12-bit. I don't see why the camera should match the screen color depth. First it can take pictures at 680 x 480 and not just 160 x 160. I don't know if 12 bit pictures are really good enough for the web. I'd like to see some samples.
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    The photo quality is standard website quality photos (ie quick loading photos standard on websites or in email).

    I think at this point, all mobile phone digital camera photos are just a novelty item.

    People snapping a photo of something spontaneous when they're out with their phone.

    At some point I'm sure the device will have a 2 megapixel camera. I guess that would be cool.

    But even then, I'll probably stick with my digital camera (4 mega pixel Canon Elph s400) to take picture and my treo to do email, organize my life, etc.

    Although the tech gadget guy I am I'm sure I'll find some reason why I have to have that feature.

    Just like I have the Treo 300 now, but I'll need the T600 once it comes out. Seriously I think the MP3 capabilities and OS 5 are worth a reason to update alone.

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