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    I did some research about the various corporate e-mail solutions that will be available for the Treo 600, and I was very impressed with the options available through GoodLink. Right now, I've been using SprintPCS Business connection, but my IT department wants to eliminate the desktop solutions from our workplace. I work in an environment where we need to access corporate e-mail, but we have a lot of blackberry fans and several treo users. Thus far, we have been unable to find a good solution to this problem.

    Today, however, I learned that GoodLink's technology can serve both Blackberry 950 users and Treo users simultaneously, even if some obtain service through Sprint and others through Cingular. I've looked at both Seven and Visto, and while they plan to service a variety of phone devices, neither of these companies appear to offer simultaneous service to blackberry users. Both of these companies require all users to pick between either Cingular or SprintPCS at the outset. The prices I was quoted were quite reasonable - about 1/2 the cost of Blackberry server software and licensing. Just thought I'd share the information with you all.
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    I have a similar setup where I work - lots of current Blackberry users. I think our mutual challenge will be the cost of a new server license for Goodlink. In other words - your IT group may not want to foot the bill of a whole new GoodLink server license for you (or a few) when all they'd need to do on the BB side is just add another user. The ratio at your place of BB users to Treo users will likely make the decision as to the IT group's willingness to get a Goodlink server license. I think I'm hosed in my situation...
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    Actually, I'm in good shape. The President of the company is a Treo user, and he has been looking for justification to add new software to our server to accomodate his treo without upsetting all of our blackberry fans. He wasn't willing to justify the expense of two different programs, but he is willing to upgrade (it has been a long time since they installed the blackberry software, and the updates and upgrades would be expensive this year).

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