I was able to connect my Treo 90 to Sprint's Vision service via my Sanyo 6400 cell phone. It was not easy. But this is how I did it.

First, I bought a 10 inch data cable from supplynet for $29.95 that connected my Treo 90 to the Sanyo 6400. Here is the URL for that:


That was the easy part. The hard part was how to configure the settings inside the Treo 90:

1) Tap on Preferences from the Main Menu, then Connection in the drop down menu in the upper right corner.

2) Tap and highlight "Serial to Modem" in Available Connections. This will give you:

Name: Serial to Modem
Connect to: Modem
Via: Serial
Dialing: TouchTone
Volume: Low
Speed: 38,400 bps
Flow CTL: Automatic
Init String: Leave Blank

(When I tried to increase the speed beyond 38,400 bps, I got a message that popped up on my Sanyo 6400 saying that "it was out of range." It still worked, however, but probably at a slower speed.)

3) Now tap on Network in the Preferences Panel to the Right.

4) Service: Sprint PCS
Username: Your username
Password: Your Password ***
Connection: Sprint PCS
Phone: #777
Connection Type: PPP
Idle Timeout: Never
Query DNS: check box
IP Address: Check Automatic box
Script: End

***Note*** You will need to call Technical support at Sprint to find your Password and Username if you don't know it. The Password is NOT your Vision Password. The Password is inside the Sanyo 6400 phone somewhere under Settings. I called technical support to find out what my password was.

I found the connection to be as fast on my Treo 90 as on my Treo 300. I plan to use it as a backup in case something goes wrong with my Treo 300.

Sprint does allow one to use the Sanyo 6400 as a modem without any extra charge as long as you use Sprint's servers with your Treo 90 (and have a Vision plan, of course) and that is precisely what is set out here. I checked this out with Sprint customer care and tech support ahead of time. Extra charges only take place if you use the Sanyo 6400 to connect your laptop or PC to the Internet.

Palm VNC, Snappermail, One Touch Mail, and the Xino Browser all worked beautifully. My Blazer Browser from my Treo 300 worked very well too. Interestingly, the Blazer Browser that came on the CD with my Treo 90 did not produce any images, only text.

So, good luck and enjoy surfing the web on your Treo 90.