I was able to connect my Treo 90 to Sprint's Vision service via my Sanyo 6400 cell phone. It was not easy. But this is how I did it.

First, I bought a 10 inch data cable from supplynet for $29.95 that connected my Treo 90 to my Sanyo 6400 cell phone. No additional drivers were needed to download. Here is the URL:


Secondly, here are the essential settings necessary to make this work:

1) Tap on Preferences from the main menu, then Connection.
2) Under "Available Connections" highlight, "Serial to Modem." If you do not have this available connection, tap "new" and make one.
3) This should give: Name: Serial To Menu; Connect: Modem; Via: Serial; Dialing: TouchTone; Volume: Low
4) Under "Details": Speed: 38,400bps; Flow Ctl: Automatic; Init String: leave blank

Note: I tried making the speed greater than 38,400 bps, but I would get a message saying that "it was outside the range of service." It worked anyway at the higher speed.

Now tap on "Network" From the Preferences Menu:

Service: Sprint PCS (I created this category)
Username: Your Username
Password: Your Password
Connection: Sprint PCS
Phone: #777
Connection Type: PPP
Idle Timeout: Never
Query DNS: check box
IP Address: check box Automatic
Script: End

NOTE: If you don't know your username or password, call Vision Technical Support Toll Free at 877-228-2257 and they will go into the settings on your Sanyo 6400 phone and tell you. You need to know this in order to connect.

I also own a Treo 300 and found the speed on the Blazer Browser to be just as fast on the Treo 90 as on the Treo 300. The Xino Browser seemed to be faster on the Treo 90. Snappermail and One Touch Mail worked fine on the Treo 90. Palm VNC also worked beautifully as did Stock Manager.

I had to beam my Blazer Browser from my Treo 300 to my Treo 90 in order to get it to work properly. The Blazer Browser (2.1) that I downloaded from the wireless suite on the CD that came with the Treo 90 did not produce any images for me, just text.

*** NOTE***: According to customer support at Sprint, there is NO extra charge for using your Sanyo 6400 cell phone as a modem for your PDA as long as you are on a Vision Plan and you are using Sprint's servers. The 39 cent a minute charge applies to those who use their cell phone as a modem to connect their laptop or PC to the Internet. I clarified this ahead of time.

I hope you all find this helpful. Personally, I prefer to connect to the Internet via my Treo 300 rather than through my Treo 90 and a data cable. But it does represent a nice back up connection for me in case my Treo 300 stops working someday.

Level Two Technical Support at Sprint told me "they do not offer technical support for this type of connection and that they have never heard of anyone connecting a PDA via a Sanyo 6400 cell phone to the Internet". I did get one level II tech person at Sprint to admit that "it was theoretically possible to do so in principle, but that she just never heard of it yet".

Well, it is not only "possible", but has been done.