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    I always plug in my Treo WHENEVER there is Power.. it is in all day at work.. It is in the car charger in the car it is powered at home.

    The few times Ive been out for extended time, YES the battery will start to drain...

    But the new Treo I am sure will be better
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    I undersatnd what you are saying. There are certainly different types of users. Like I said, for extreme cases, it would be a problem. If someone is in a job that often puts them in such extreme cases, they should consider not getting this phone.

    Also, one doesn't need to sleep a full night for a phone to charge... Just looked at the GSM Treo 600 manual and it says that it needs 3 hours for a full charge (meaning from empty).

    By the way, to be ready for anything at any time with zero downtime, don't you want to have a whole backup phone all together?

    What I meant about habits is that many of the people complaining probably do not currently have 5-hour talk time batteries (and do not fall in the extreme case above). Their batteries are probably 2-3 hours. For such users, the switch to a 5-hour battery will probably result in their never needing a backup.

    Of course this place is for thinking about things like this and everyone is free to say what's on their mind--all sides!
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    Since you can buy a battery extender that uses normal AA batteries on Ebay, I don't think that battery life is much of a problem.

    Get yourself a spare USB charger and car charger, and remember to charge up whenever you are near a power source!

    It may make more sense to get an ipod or seperate mp3 player if you listen to music more than 4 hours a day!
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    I have two Treo 270's , so I always have a fully charged backup battery available!

    Just have to swap the sim card and I'm ready to go!

    If you have a cdma version I guess you will have to get a battery extender from Ebay if you always want a backup battery available.
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    You seem too happy with such an expensive solution.
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    Well, the spare Treo was £250 (you can get one on Ebay without accesories for around £140), but should one break I have zero downtime, which is worth it to me!
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    silverado, I agree that in most cases, this Treo 600 battery will be more than enough. Especially, if the charge time IS only 3 hours, which I was not aware of previously. Thanks for the tip!

    My Sony digital video camera has a 5 hour battery and I very rarely run it out. However, I have been on extended shoots before and the backup battery was a life saver! Futhermore, a spare charged battery is much easier to carry than another camera.

    There are different levels of backup. A spare battery is minor and easy for those times you just need a little more time without thinking about a charge. An extra phone would be more for those times when your phone is not working at all. I would not carry an extra phone just for battery backup purposes. I DO have a backup GSM phone, but it would be nice to have a more graceful solution for those "minor" situations.

    All in all, I believe the Treo 600 is going to be incredible! It could be purple and green for all I care and I would love it!
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    Why in Gods green earth would Palm1 put a removable battery in the Treo 600? If you remove the Treo's battery you will loose all programs that are in the memory. Everytime you switch out the battery you would have to hotsync the unit. How much would that sux?

    Think about it... (and don't assume that everyone has a copy of backupman!)

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    I'm getting 16 hours of MP3 playing time per charge. I ain't complaining.
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    I thought I once saw a thread where a guy actually opened up his treo 600 and swapped the batteries. Am i crazy or did anyone else see this?
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    Actually there is a 2100mAh battery available. You have to open up the Treo to install it tho. And it voids the warranty. Not recommended. I'm already happy with the Treo battery, no need to risk it all.
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    The problem as I see it is that battery capacity will diminish over time with no way to fix. I have a refurbished CDMA T600 and am already having battery life issues. On the plus side Sprint is replacing it for no charge, but if it were out of warranty I'd be ticked.

    The issue is similar to the battery of the iPod. Until enough users screamed, Apple was content not to have a battery replacement program. Same thing needs to happen here. A battery replacement program will need to be developed. Hopefully Palm1 will step up to the plate. I can't see trashing a $500 phone for a $40 battery.
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    can't believe what I am reading here...a few facts for the masses.

    - it was a design FLAW not to have a removable battery. Period. If you are going to market a phone, this is a must.

    - the CDMA Treos get 4 hours talk is less. And that is with a new device. Nowhere near long enough to last a day...requires daily recharging, if not more often.

    - given the defective battery issues with the Treo (upwards of 40 percent), a replaceable battery would have alleviated a lot of pain.

    - a tiny watch battery would take care of the memory issue...they have been doing this with pdas for at least six years (see pocket pc). this is a solved issue.

    -bottom line: Treo is great, but design flaws were made:

    - non-removable battery
    - antenna nub...should have been does it, and it is fine.
    -microphone should be on front...completely moronic to have on back.
    - sd slot pop-out. Again, another moronic if no one tested it.

    Hawkins might be a lot of things, but hardly a UI expert (for hardware).

    Hope they fix it the next time around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec
    can't believe what I am reading here...a few facts for the masses.

    - it was a design FLAW not to have a removable battery. Period. If you are going to market a phone, this is a must.
    I was one of many who said the removable battery wasn't important when the Treo was first released. I've already had one Treo replaced this year for a dead battery. Now I see my battery dropping from 100% to 90% overnight, with NO activity and the phone off!!! The battery life quoted above (16 hrs MP3) will not last.

    A replaceable battery would cut down on the number of Treos returned for the dead battery problem. Not to mention the convenience of having a fully-charged battery (or a few) ready to go anytime. At the very least they could provide a form-fitting battery sled like their Power To Go series, instead of this monstrosity they call an extended battery.
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    Removable battery would be about position 20 on my wish list. In London my GSM Treo's battery lasts about a working week (standard use after about 10 months) and on long trips can last up to 3 weeks (switch off wireless when not required).

    The key advantage of the treo for me is only carry a single easy to carry device. I wouldn't want it thicker and the last thing I want it to lug batteries around too.

    Most GSM phone's batteries may be removed but I don't know any friend / family / colleague that carries spare batteries - they work out how often they have to re-charge or accept the very infrequent times that the battery is flat.

    This device is aimed at consumers not a specialist 100% availability market - as someone said in this thread it has RAM that will loose data when the battery hits zero.

    On the CDMA vs GSM debate: for 2G networks GSM wins hands down in the go-anywhere-and-phone-will-work front. For higher data rates GSM will be replaced by 3G/WCDMA which has data rates of 384 kbps+.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RayUSA
    Are there ANY advantages at all of having CDMA instead of GSM? ...
    COST. Other than T-Mobile (where are they by the way?), no one's GPRS or related GSM data service has an all you can eat plan near the $15 unlimited Vision on Sprint.
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    the laws of physics must be reversed in Europe, b/c no one gets a week out of one battery change on a GSM Treo, unless they don't use it much and turn off the radio.

    300 minutes per charge, assuming max battery life on GSM, of use is very little if you are a big phone and pda user. The data use is what chews up the battery.

    The non- removable battery was a flaw, and will always be so.
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    I use 50% battery in a typical 16 hour day and that qualifies as good enough battery life for me. I don't mind charging it everyday, my Tungsten T would often only last me 10 hours before going 10%.
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    Agreed...if you can charge your Treo each night, then the battery life is generally sufficient.

    I'm curious about how the people who have replaced the internal battery with the extended one havw faired. I hear it's only a 20 percent increase, but might be worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec
    the laws of physics must be reversed in Europe, b/c no one gets a week out of one battery change on a GSM Treo, unless they don't use it much and turn off the radio.

    300 minutes per charge, assuming max battery life on GSM, of use is very little if you are a big phone and pda user. The data use is what chews up the battery.
    I think it helps that a) I'm not a heavy user & b) live in London where GSM cell sizes are very small so less power is required.

    But its definitely the case that if I charge it Sunday evening it will keep power until saturday morning (ie working week) with wireless switched on all the time with mixture of voice/sms/data/pda usage

    Last week I was off sailing and charged it sunday lunchtime and now (saturday evening) the charge is 42% - during the week occaisionally switched off wireless (to make sure the office couldn't get me!) but still did quite a bit of web browsing for weather forecasts.

    I guess you and others must use their phone a lot!
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