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    Hi Everyone

    The time has come for me to purchase a memory card. I have checked this form out for various memory card info but I have yet to find a thread that really explains the memory card.

    I know that there are several out there and that it's a matter of choice but I would like to know other opinions on the cards i.e. Which one is the best? What are the card sizes/memory? Does any of the cards come with add incentives (a program)? What about the effects it might have with hotsync/speed? Where can I get a good deal? How easy is it to start using the cards? Do you need to format? And anything that I might have missed. Any horror stories i.e. fatal errors?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Don't know how much this has changed, but it used to be that Lexar and Sandisk made almost every card out there and other companies put a different label on it to brand it as their own.

    I've found Sandisk to be solid for SD cards. I bought a 256K recently at Circuit City for $65 on sale. You might find a better deal on the net. Try Yahoo shopping or


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