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    OK, here's the situation...I just bought my new Treo a couple of days ago. It came preloaded with Blazer 1.0 version, however Sprint offers Blazer 2.0 as a free download for me from my account management area.

    Only problem is it's set up as an .exe file and I'm on a macintosh so needless to say I can't install it. If it was available in a .zip format I would be able to unzip and load the .prc file fine, however it's not.

    I've contacted Sprint by e-mail explaining this to them and they told me to contact my Sprint store and they can help me. Well...they look at me like they don't know what I'm talking about, saying it's right there on the web site, yadayada... I try to explain to them that I am ON A MAC and can't open and .exe file and they look at me like I'm crazy. Anyway I give up!

    I don't think it's fair that PC people can just download the file directly from their account management area for free and Mac people can't (my only other option is to buy it for 19.95 from Handspring). I bought the Treo because it was one of the only phones that is "mac compatible" out of the box for goodness sake! Anyone have any other ideas for how I can acquire Blazer 2.0 without having to dig into my pocketbook again! I expected it to be loaded on my machine when I bought it! Sorry for the long rant...
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    The Treo 300 comes with Blazer 1.0? I just got a Treo 270 and it has 2.1.3 Build 12 installed in ROM.

    However, to help, I use mine on a Mac also but I have Virtual PC for some apps not on the Mac. If you want to send me the .exe I can run it under Virtual PC and send the Blazer files to you.
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    I would be seriously surprised if any Treo ever shipped with Blazer 1.0. Even the Treo 180 shipped initially with 2.0.

    Indeed Blazer 2 was released way back in 2001.

    You might want to check again.
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    Sorry - you are right - I checked the version on mine and it is 2.1.1s2 Build 31.

    I thing that had me confused is that I've been having problems accessing web pages using Blazer and I get an error message with a long explanation and at the bottom of the explanation it says "Blazer Server / 1.1"

    I assumed that I was using version 1.1 because of that message! Duh!!! But I was obviously wrong. I appreciate the offer for help though.

    I must say that I was looking forward to the Treo mostly because of the "great browser" I had been hearing about. I am not impressed in the least with the Blazer program though. Most of the pages I try to access, even the WAP and PDA optimized ones give me that same darn error message! I can get on pages using AvantGo with no problem, even when I have problems with Blazer. Only problem with AvantGo is no secure connection. AvantGo usually even renders non PDA style pages a bit better than Blazer (at least the ones I've compared).

    Do you like Blazer? I'm frustrated and fed up with it at this point. So far it's the only thing I don't like about my Treo though... Would love to know if anyone else has found a better browers with a secure connection. I haven't researched it much and I know a lot of people love Blazer, but.....
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    What kind of sites are you trying to view? Sites that use javascript and other scripting mechanisms don't work. In general, I find non-PDA optimized sites don't work well no matter which device whether Treo or PocketPC or others. There are a number of PDA optimized sites that work very well with Blazer.
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    I mostly go to sites optimized for PDA's but I still get odd error messages on many - I'm sure not all are related to the browser per se, but many times I can access the same site with AvantGo's browser with no problem. Next time it happens I will post the error message and site I'm accessing and maybe get some help troubleshooting the problems.
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    I wonder if you're using a bum proxy server.

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