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    My Cingular unlocked version with AT&T Bermuda SIM chip worked fine in the greater Toronto area on Rogers AT&T on both voice and GPRS modes.

    I took the phone into a RAT&T dealer and they told me that mine was the first "real" 600 they'd seen so far. After cleaning up the drool and un-dropping their jaws, they told me that sometime Q1 2004 they were supposed to be getting closer to releasing it.

    I'm running 2.09 firmware upgraded from the original Cingular firmware.

    Cheers from Bermuda

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    well i had the kyocera 7135 from bell now i've switched to the treo 600 (gsm) to rogers.. and in my area.. i've noticed that my treo 600 reception is alot better than the 7135.. plus battery life is longer.. i make a lot of calls.. and for the 7135 i would use up half to almost all my battery life... with the treo 600 by end of day... after making alot of calls... i still have 3/4 batt left of my phone...

    good reception in my area.. better than my treo 180 when i had it before the kyo 7135...

    the 7135 is still a good smartphone.. good reception...
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    I had looked at the 7135, but decided it was not the form factor I wanted. I much prefer the keyboard and candybar style over the numberpad flip phone style.

    Can you tell us where you are located? You mention "my area" a few times but never actually tell us where that is.

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    I am in Vancouver, BC.

    I have ordered the unlocked Cingular Treo 600, and I am awaiting delivery.

    In the meantime, I am trying to figure out just how the PDA functions will work here, and how to get the most out of the phone.

    I will be buying a basic phone with the necessary sim card. I am happy to get either Rogers or FIDO, whatever is best. What I really want is the full functionality promised by this device, that is, wireless synchronization of my mail, calendar and contacts.


    Watch the video at

    I am prepared to accept a half-assed solution, but what I really want is what the guy in the video had... :-(

    My tech guy at work talked to Good Technology, and they are currently engaged in negotiations with Rogers AT&T to provide service for Canadian customers. No estimation was provided as to when these negotiations will be complete.

    (As an aside, and hopefully without hijacking my own thread, I note that Goodlink software uses its own contacts and calendar, rather than integrating with the ones in the Treo Ė so other functions accessing the contacts list, etc. will go to the (empty) native contacts list, rather than to the Goodlink contacts list. Canít have everything, I guess.)


    The Rogers AT&T network does support earlier Treo models:

    "Tue Sep 10, 2002 - 12:05 PM EDT Handspring today announced the availability of its GPRS software upgrade for Rogers AT&T Wireless Treo 180 customers in Canada. The Handspring Treo GPRS upgrade is a no-charge, downloadable software upgrade that enables Handspring Treo 180 customers from Rogers AT&T Wireless to access the wireless Internet and corporate applications such as e-mail. New and existing Rogers AT&T Wireless customers can access the software upgrade at no additional charge via the Rogers AT&T Wireless website."

    Do you think the same GPRS network used by the earlier Treo would be OK to drive the new one? To use the Goodlink or similar software?

    From what I have read today, it seems this may not work.

    Rogers is also reselling Visto software on its network.


    Roger's Enhanced Wireless Desktop solution is provided by a company called Visto.

    "Enhanced Wireless Desktop provides Rogers AT&T Wireless' customers with the ability to easily send, receive, reply, and forward any message from the customer's office or personal e-mail. In addition to e-mail access, Visto has added over the air (OTA) calendar and contacts synchronization capabilities with selected wireless devices."

    The supported devices include the Handspring Treo 600!

    It looks like it does the same thing as Good, but, if Rogers AT&T is selling a rebranded version, you would think there would be no compatibility issues on the network.

    I wonder if I could use the proper VISTO software on the Rogers network. The "Enhanced Wireless Desktop" re-sold version didn't look as pretty in the demonstration on the Rogers website.

    So, does anyone think wireless synchronization of my mail, calendar and contacts is possible, or should I have waited a year for someone to make this phone available in Canada?
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    i've order my Treo600 from ebay and was nervously waiting for it and it finally arrived last week. 10 days on the stupid BUS. I wish I had paid extra and used fedEX

    I went to the chumps at Rogers and got them to switch over from my exiting phone and put in the new SIM and now it works great with Rogers. only thing different is now i'm paying more for the plan and getting milked for their stupid BS charges
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