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    Now that the SDK is available and programmers are able to start developing for the Treo 600, what apps do you wish for and how much would you be willing to pay (hoping that this would spur some ingenious developers to start making it!).

    For starters, I'd like to see a voice memo app, that can start recording by holding down a single key. I'd pay up to $20.00 for something like this.
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    Originally posted by wcarlson40
    For starters, I'd like to see a voice memo app, that can start recording by holding down a single key.
    Have you found a recording app/device with a great interface. I'm curious as to how you'd want it to work.

    I've had two uses; quick notes, and long discussions. The quick notes were something I would ultimately convert into a todo or appt and then delete. For voice discussions I would probably transcribe them into a journal.

    I haven't found a system that I like. I know that whenever I'm recording, thoughts of how much time I have left or that I'm creating dead-air are very distracting. So I'd like to eliminate that altogether by using vox and allowing rudimentary editing afterwards.

    With the Treo 600 it will have a lot of audio options available to the programmer, assuming the HsSoundLib is functional according to the header files.
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    Mostly I liked the interface on my Handera 330. You could record quick notes just by holding down a button. It wasn't made for long dictations, but it was just a quick way to remind yourself to do something later (pick up milk, call cable company, etc). It was much quicker than opening up the To Do list.
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    I think it would be great if during playback there was a text field that was linked to the memo database. Thatway you could transribe the audio with very little effort.

    An even better solution would be it the text field had "intelegence" like in actioneer. That way you could assign the text to whichever database was appropriate. (aka address, calender, memo)
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    I mentioned this idea in another thread as an expansion of something that I believe JakeE said.

    Anyway, I think an absolutly awsome app to have would be a BusinessCard OCR program.

    1. The way it would work...
    2. You get a business card from an associate.
    3. You launch this program.
    4. You take a picture of the business card. (as close as possible to get all the info)
    5. The program automaticly runs OCR anc converts the picture to txt.
    6. The program automaticly assigns each text element to its place in a new contact form from the addressbook.
    7. You Review this information.
    8. You tap one of two buttons, "Capture Again" or "Add to AddressBook"
    9. If you choose to "capture again" the process starts again.
    10. If you choose "Add to Addressbook" the program exits, and possibly takes you to you address book

    Also, one possible addition would be a batch add feature, that loops the whole process after adding to addressbook.

    What do you all think ?

    EDIT: P.S. I this I would pay around $30 for this, maybe even $40.
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    this is a great idea! I imagine it this way: after it did the capture, it would show a custom screen showing the text it just captured, arranged to fill the fields it thinks are correct. Next to the fields would be a dropdown to change the fields. That way you could quickly and easily edit any small mistakes (due to say odd card fonts) and rearrange the fields if the card was laid out strangly in a way that caused the fields to filled in correctly.

    Furthermore you could have a free mode, that would simply capture text to a memo. Imagine using this on a classified ad, or quoting a passage for a report or paper. It could just capture and do OCR on all text within the picture, and you would just easily delete any unwanted text out of the resulting memo.
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    Now the big questions: is the camera good enough to capture said information? Is there OCR code out there that could be adapted to the Treo or will someone need to write this from scratch. I don't think the market ($$$) is big enough for a product to be built from the ground up.
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    there is an API for Nokia's Series 60 in existens that does OCR and bar code scanning. You can find it at GaviTec's Web Site. Since it works with Nokia 7650 it should be doable with a treo 600 because the treo camera is about the same, it has more memory and probably a CPU that's just as fast.

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    I don't see an explicit macro mode for the camera in the simulator. Without a macro mode, I doubt you would be able to focus on anything like a piece of paper. Though my old connectix ball could do it, but then again it had an adjustable focus lens.

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