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    I've had my Treo 300 for a month now and have not put any hacks on it till this past week due to fear of screwing something up and also because I've been very busy. I just went on a 2 day marathon of installing about 10 new apps, all from the recommendations of the folks here and I must say the Treo really rocks with them!

    So far I have the following installed: Hackmaster, Lazylauncher, Directory assistant, Diddle, Newpen, Pbjtime, Radio control, SyncAll, TakePhone, YAUC, BigClock, Safehack.

    I think SafeHack is causing some problems and I have it disabled at the moment. I'll play with it again to see if it's the culprit.

    These new apps make the Treo feel like a new machine with the added convenience. I love it! Thanks to everyone here for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

    Have any of you run out of memory and what kind of problem does that cause? With 16 meg that is kind of inevitable, no?
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    My Treo kicks ***!

    Since I have it, I no longer need a laptop.
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    BTW, I did not see Xiino and Eudora in your list. Get them, man.

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