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    Well - i have had my Treo for a week now. Ever since I got the thing - and the network settings were finally setup correctly - i have been getting a busy signal when the network can't connect. It doesn't stop making the busy signal noise until I either
    a. shut the phone part off
    b. activate a phone call and then hang up quick.

    Any idea what this might be - Sprint told me that it might be because they were doing maintenance - but that was a while ago - and I haven't called back yet. You see - this is my only phone, and the landline is at work - and I don't like to spend my time at work on this - so I have to plan accordingly to call Sprint customer service.

    Ok sorry so long! Thanks - any hep would be great!
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    This is just a shot in the dark, but have you tried updating your PRL? Also, do you have any problems connecting to vision or just to make voice calls?
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    When I called the folks at customer service the first time - they had me do the PRL update - that's where they set it to send you an update when you call *2 and then it does a software update right?

    So I'm not sure what else to do. I guess I should call them back? Maybe I should call the wireless web line instead of the main customer service line?
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    I am having the same problem--and it is very annoying. I've called Customer Care about it twice, and I've yet to get any kind of answer. The first time I called, they acted like they had never heard of it before, and suggested I exchange the Treo. I don't think it's a hardware problem, so I did not do that (yet).

    I called again yesterday, and again, it was as if they had never heard of it. And--you'll all love this--they then suggested I check for information!

    Um. Yeah.

    Anyway, they said they would call me back yesterday. It's today. I'm still waiting.

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    It's happened to me a few times also under similar circumstance as you. It's a faint busy signal in the background while on the web. This problem has been reported in previous threads as well. Do a seach and you'll find it. Don't recall seeing any work around for it though.
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    I've been wondering what was causing that! It has happened just a couple times, but always while the phone was on my hip, so I couldn't see what was going on before the sound started.

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    This sounds like it could be a regional issue. I have never seen/heard it in California. What cities are you guys in?
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    I've been told that Sprint is passing this thread and the problem on to Handspring.

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    I was one of the original people who had this problem and no one really knew what to do. It eventually went away but I don't know why.

    As far as a regional thing I live in California so I don't know what that means to you.

    Hope you get it solved,
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    I'm on the right side of the coast in CT. First time I got the busy signal was while driving on I84 crossing the boarder from CT to NY state.
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    My Sprint contact has been asked for additional information by Handspring. I need to know where you are located (or were located when this occurred), as well as what you were doing when it happened. They also wanted mobile numbers, but I told her that I didn't expect many people would be willing to send their phone number to a stranger.

    Anyone who has had this happen, even once, should send me as much information as they can via e-mail:


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    I am seeing this problem in Troy NY, I've had the phone for a while but it only started about a month or so ago, maybe less. It seems that sometimes when the phone automatically dials up to retrieve email, it sometimes gets a busy signal and cannot establish the network connection. This quiet busy signal persists until I try to make a call and hang up (the call fails with "Error: The network is busy, unavailable or data is not enabled. (0x1102)"). It's like the phone stays off-hook internally and doesn't know it. I believe this is causing power drains on the phone because it often loses power in less than a day now even from a full charge, and the noise isn't normally loud enough for me to notice it.
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    I am in Albany. Problem seems to be worse this week. Sprint still has no answers. It is VERY annoying!
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    I am also in the Albany area..Whats going on Sprint?
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    I've been passing the posted information on to my contact at Sprint. She has been giving them to the appropriate people and Handspring. I got the following response from her today.

    There is a new software load that will be released that will address the 0x1102 issue you had forwarded to me this weekend - don't know a date yet - I'm sure they are finalizing the testing of the software.

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    I just got the busy signal again . I sent myself an SMS and upon receipt, the busy sig ended. You may want to pass this bit of info to your contact at Sprint if you think it may be useful to them in fixing the problem.
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    I also just had this problem with the annoying busy signal. However, mine only started during the blackout. I called up customer service a few days later, to ask a totally seperate question, and the rep told me that I was due for a PRL update. I dialed *2 and got the update and have not had any problems since.
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    What is your new PRL?

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    I moved to Raleigh, NC recently. I have not had one "busy signal" episode since I moved.

    I used to live in Albany, NY. So I hope that is of some help.

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