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    Any dates yet???
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    The Handspring site says different. It says "late fall". Not to be a party pooper, but fall ends December 20.
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    The earnings conference call updated the dates of the TREO 600.

    If things go as planned for Handspring the first TREO 600s should be SHIPPED in minimal quantities at the end of September and be in end-customers' hands by sometime in October.

    Their words, not mine!
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    Most people don't consider December to be fall, despite what calendars might read. "Effective fall" for product release purposes would probably end around mid-November. Much past that and you'd miss a ton of holiday sales. I hate to assume anything, but no company is really dumb enough to release their core product on December 19th.
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    "The company expects first shipments of the new Treo 600 late in its fiscal Q1 ending September. Because of the challenges of manufacturing a complex, new product, the total volumes that can be built and shipped for revenue could vary widely. The company's best estimate at this time is that fiscal Q1 revenues will be comparable to the quarter just completed.

    - The company expects to exit the first quarter with significant backlog that will be shippable in fiscal Q2."

    Note that their Q1 begain July 1 and their Q2 begins on Oct. 1.

    For whatever its worth, a Handspring employee I caught in their parking lot a few weeks ago, who had a 600 in hand, said October for the CDMA version release in the US.

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