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    One of my biggest problems upon buying the T300 was trying to realize the promise by Sprint that I could access my email via the phone. It took a while, but eventually I dowloaded AOL 2.0 for PDA's and have ever since used the T300 as a modem to access AOL's 800#. This runs up data minutes, which wasnt a problem after switching my plan, but I got to wondering if the T600 would be able to access the aol mail page allowing me to get my corporate mail via the wireless web. Anyone have a clue?
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    Not that this answers your question and I don't know why it would be any different for the treo600 but if you get AOL for palm v3.0 which I know is gonna cost you another $19.95 cuz they're too cheap to offer any upgrades, v3.0 is far better than v2.0 and will also allow you to use your "vision" to access your AOL mail without having to use an AOL dial up number.
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    Thanks Miller HiFi,

    I screwed up, as it turns out I am using 3.0.

    Are you currently using 3.0 to access aol mail via the wireless web (vision?)? If so, maybe you could point out how, as I dont seem to be able to figure it out. After installing 3.0 I have always set it to anywhere location (dialing the 800 # for $6/hr extra charge) and connection via wireless dial-up modem function.

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    No way dude!
    At the sign on screen you simply want to select "another ISP" from the "location" and it will use your "vision" to log into your AOL account.
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    It couldnt have been that simple.

    I switched the location to "another ISP", and when it began to login an error message comes up that says incomplete setup, check phone number and username (0x121A)

    Help again?
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    After 30 minutes with Sprint, a backup, and a hard reset, I got it to work!

    The first time in a year I am using vision. And no more charges on my aol account. Interestingly enough, sprint wanted to change my account to reflect vision, but it was going to increase by $15 a month, I said no, it had been working fine leave it alone. They said ok. So, I am using vision and not the dial up...........

    Thanks Millerhifi

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