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    I just hot synced Lazylauncher , Treo Keyboard Utils and Hackmaster and followed directions below:

    "HotSync "treo keyboard utils", then launch HackMaster or its
    compatibles and enable "treo keyboard utils". Next go to settings.
    Select what alphabetical key to assign to the functions."

    However, I was unable to find and launch Lazytlauncher or Keyboard utils in the allpications. The only thing I found close to "enabling" was a check mark next to the app "treo keyboard utils". What is the "settings" referred to in the directions? I was unable to find the "settings" in Hackmaster.

    Any help and info appreciated.
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    I am using X-Master now (this is sort of an updated version of hackmaster), so this is from memory. I seem to recall that within Hackmaster to the far right of the system hack there was a odd colored line that looked like a mis rendered button.

    Clicking on or under this should open up the configuration stuff for the hack.

    Failing that, download Xmaster and use it. It features a configuration button with in its setup page
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