DALLAS (July 23, 2003) - - Beiks, LLC is proud to announce that the combination of its popular BDicty Dictionary Reader Pro and English Dictionary Pro lexicon have been reviewed and rated "recommended" by kickstarnews.com.

Following is a quote from the review:

"...Using BDicty is straightforward whether you are simply looking up a word or using resident lookup. Start BDicty then enter a word by printing in the Graffiti area or typing it via keyboard. As you enter letters, the word list will display the closest match. Your word may appear in the list before you've finished printing all the letters. Simply tap the word and the definition will be displayed. If a word can't be found, the word list displays the closest letter match it contains.

While we did not do any competitive comparisons, it appears that BDicty is an excellent choice for students, many professionals, advanced readers, crossword puzzle fanatics and many others...

To read the entire review, please visit www.kickstartnews.com.

About Kickstartnews:

Kickstartnews is an online Web publication and newsletter containing up-to-date PC, Mac and Palm OS software & hardware reviews, editorials and satirical op-ed. The reviews are usually written by real end-users, not professional critics.

About Beiks:

Beiks LLC (http://www.beiks.com) is a privately-held company with headquarters in Dallas. The company specializes in developing and distributing essential applications for mobile platforms such as Palm OS®, Windows CE®, Linux® and J2ME®.

Founded in 1997, the company is best known for its BDicty Dictionary Reader – the most popular Palm OS dictionary on the market. Beiks' product list now includes a growing catalog of over 250 titles across all major mobile platforms. Those include the award-winning BDicty Dictionary Reader dictionary series, games such as NetWalk and Karateka, the Wall Street Financial Assistant business calculator, the women's personal organizer Woman Calendar and many others.

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Beiks, LLC team