Took my Treo 300 on a 1 week trip to New York.

I lent it to my father, who pressed it against his face "trying to hear" and broke the flipper.

I called the Sprint store there and since I bought the Treo directly from Sprint I paid the $ 35 and they will ship me a reconditioned unit in 3 business days...but "it may not be a Treo 300...if we are out of that product."

The battery after the upgrade was giving me about 40 minutes of talk time, down from the 2 hours I had for a year.

And using Treo Mail I got about 20 emails...when I got back my computer had like 200...I do not know why Treo mail does not deliver all my emails from my POP3.

I look forward to the reconditioned 300, as it may not have the upgrade.

Let's hope the 600 brings a higher level of professionalism.