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    I was talking while driving past a Sprint tower today with full signal and it dropped the call. I tried reconnecting and it says I am out of range and went to 1 bar for a split second. I tried to reconnect again and the phone went into soft reset.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Any explanations for it? I called Sprint and the CSR said that's normal when you are under a tower, the signal literally goes over your head. Yeah right!
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    I am no radio expert, but I do know that there can be issues if you are too close to a cell, just like if you are too far away. I believe that it might have something to do with harmonics and signal reflection, though, not with the signal "going over your head". It was either easier for the tech support guy to explain it that way, or he simply didn't know what he was talking about.
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    If I remember my radio theory classes correctly... cells phones uses UHF frequencies which are line of sight. I think it would be possible then for the signal to go over your head.

    Reagarding the harmonics possibility, how would the distance from the tower affect the harmonics? Aren't they produced just the same when the signal is broadcast to begin with?

    I think the phone went under the tower, lost the signal, looked for another tower which was most likely a good distance away, and then noticed the original tower at full strength. You probably can only be under the signal for a very short amount of time (depending on your speed and the height of the tower/direction of the signal). Perhaps the Treo just wasn't able to switch back and forth between these two towers so quickly and so it caused a soft reset.

    I know this sounds vague, but I do believe going under the signal is a resonable possibility. Why this could have induced a soft reset... well that guess I gave is the best I can think of. The working of the Treo itself isn't my fortay javascript:smilie('')

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