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    How 'bout this as a prediction... Some sort of streaming media announcement. RealOne with streaming media or something. It finally looks like there isn't any technical reason this can't be done. The Treo has the audio hardware infrastructure in place, as well as the CPU, and 1xRTT and GPRS should be enough bandwidth for decent (although not CD quality) sound.

    I can't imaging that Handspring/Palm would release a device with stereo playback capability without annoucing something with a media player partner.
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    Handspring has annouced partnerships with email, with MMS, with browsers. What other phone function are they missing, that they have not annouced a partnership? Ring tone managers.

    Expect an announcement about some ringtone manager, one that is probably going to support or work with the new download api.
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    What about US-based GSM carrier partnerships? Carrier-specific features? Then a month before, pricing and launch dates.

    Developer notes and partnerships are great for the gadget press, but it the real target is the mainstream press. Mossburg's WSJ mentions kicked that off and the practical application tidbits will help keep the theme alive as it cascades down to lesser publications. Expect more "real-world" usability examples followed by the where, then when and finally how-much.
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